How To Grow Tomatoes From A Supermarket: My Step-By-Step Guide!

Would you like to know how to grow tomatoes from supermarket tomatoes?

Are you wondering how to grow a tomato plant from a tomato?

If you’re a gardener, you know that growing tomatoes from seed is the way to go. But what if you don’t have the time or patience to do that? 

Well, did you know that you can also grow tomatoes from tomatoes you buy from the supermarket? It’s true! 

Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to harvesting tomatoes from your very own garden. Happy gardening!

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how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

How To Grow Tomatoes From Store Bought Tomatoes

If you’re wondering about planting tomato seeds from fresh tomatoes, I’m here to explain how to do it! There are two main ways to grow tomatoes from supermarket tomatoes: the fermented seeds method and the fresh sliced tomato method.

1. Fermented Seeds Method

Have you ever wondered can you grow a tomato from a tomato?

The fermented seeds method is the best way to grow tomatoes from supermarket tomatoes, as it mimics what happens in nature. 

To ferment your seeds, follow these steps;

Step 1: Start by scooping the seeds out of the tomatoes you want to use

Step 2:  Scoop the seeds into a glass jar and cover with plastic wrap

Step 3: Poke some holes into the plastic wrap with a knife – this helps with air circulation

Step 4: Keep the jar away from direct sunlight, somewhere warm

Step 5: Check daily, fermenting can take as little as 24 hours and as long as a week

Step 6: Once they have a layer of mold over the top of them, and the seeds kind of look like they’ve separated from the liquid, open the jar and remove as much mold as possible with a spoon

Step 7: Use a tea strainer or a colander with tiny holes and wash the seeds thoroughly under a weak stream of running water

Step 8: Drain the water and lay out the seeds on a paper towel or a coffee filter to dry

Step 9: Leave them until they are dry, which could take up to a week

Step 10: Now, you can either plant them (which we’ll cover later) or put them in an envelope or plastic sandwich bag, whatever you keep your seeds in, label the package and save them until you’re ready to plant. This is how to save tomato seeds for planting!

2. Fresh Sliced Tomato Method

If you would like to try your hand at growing tomatoes from tomatoes, here is how you do it with the fresh sliced tomato method.

The fresh sliced tomato method is another way to grow tomatoes from supermarket tomatoes. These are the steps;

Step 1: Get your tomato, (remember to try to use an heirloom variety of tomatoes, and a variety that you like to eat) and, using a sharp knife, cut a thick slice out of the middle

Step 2: Get small containers or pots and half fill with soil or tomato potting mix 

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

Step 3: Place your slice of tomato on top of the soil, and then cover with an inch or so of soil and pat down

Step 4: You can also use a bigger pot, but put the tomato slices in with plenty of space around them

Step 5: You can cover the pot with plastic wrap if you like to help keep them warm and moist if you live in a cool environment

Step 6: Water the pot and keep the tomato seeds moist

Step 7: In about 5-10 days, you should see your tomatoes germinate

Step 8: Depending on how many tomatoes slices you “planted,” they will need thinning out at this point

Step 9: Select the strongest plants and transplant them into another pot in groups of four

Step 10: When they have grown a bit more, select the strongest couple and then transplant them into your garden beds

Hey, presto! Now you have tomatoes grown from tomato slices!

Best Time To Plant Tomatoes

The best time to plant tomatoes is in the spring, after the last frost. Tomatoes are a warm-weather crop and will not do well if planted too early.

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

What Variety Of Tomatoes To Use

There are many different varieties of tomatoes, but not all of them are well suited for growing from supermarket tomatoes. If you are looking for easy to grow tomatoes, here are your best bet:

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket
how to grow tomatoes from supermarket
how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

If you can, try to use open-pollinated and heirloom-type tomatoes as not only do they produce better-tasting fruit, but they will also last for many years to come.

You should also pick a variety that you enjoy eating, as there is no point in growing something you don’t even like!

Materials And Equipment

To grow your own tomatoes in the home, you will need to equip yourself with a few tools. 

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket
  • A garden rake and trowel are necessary for grooming between plants or turning over soil
  • Tomato cages or garden stakes can be used if cultivating multiple plants, as they help the plant to grow up so you have something to pin the limbs to
how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

A Note On Potting Mix

If you want to answer your question of can you plant a tomato, then the soil you use is important.

When growing tomatoes from supermarket tomatoes, it is important to use a good quality potting mix.

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

A potting mix that is too heavy will cause the tomato plants to produce less fruit. A potting mix designed especially for tomatoes is good here too. 

Tomatoes love loose, well-draining soil. While growing them in pots avoid using clay or garden dirt as they are heavy and can damage the roots of your plant!

To make up for this type, you can mix sand with peat moss (or sawdust) to give it more nutrients and help your tomatoes grow!

A Note On Containers

If you’re wondering how to grow tomatoes from supermarket, and wondering what containers are best, it is important to use containers at least 12 inches across the top and 3.6 gallons in volume.

Shallower containers will not provide enough room for the roots to grow properly.

Tomatoes can be grown in a variety of containers, including:

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket
how to grow tomatoes from supermarket
how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

When choosing a container for your tomatoes, make sure it has good drainage. Tomatoes do not like to sit in wet soil. 

When To Pick Your Tomatoes

Your tomatoes will be ready at the end of their growing season, typically towards the end of Summer. They are also generally ready to harvest 10-12 weeks from when they were planted. 

Tomatoes are ready to pick when they are a deep red color and feel firm to the touch. If you wait too long to pick your tomatoes, they will become overly soft and start to rot.

What Your Tomatoes May Taste Like

The taste of your tomatoes will depend on the variety of tomatoes you are growing. Some varieties of tomatoes are more tart, while others are sweeter.

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket


How Long Do Tomato Seeds Take To Grow?

So, how long do tomato seeds take to grow? Tomato seeds take between 5-10 days to germinate in optimal conditions, which refers to the viability of the seed, the temperature, the condition of the soil, and the watering of the plant.

You’ll know the seeds have germinated when you see shoots coming out of the soil.

How Often Do You Water Tomato Seeds?

If you’re wondering how often you water tomato seeds, well, it depends on a lot of different factors, and you’ll have to use some common sense to know for sure. Some areas and conditions require plants to be watered several times a day, and other areas where watering once or twice a week is sufficient.

How Deep Do You Plant Tomato Seeds?

If you’re not sure how deep you plant tomato seeds, the best depth to plant tomato seeds is between one-eighth and one-quarter inches deep into the soil. Planting them too deep will prevent them from germinating.

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

Can I Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Store Bought Tomatoes?

So, can I grow cherry tomatoes from store bought tomatoes? Yes, you can grow cherry tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes. The best way to do this is to use the fermented seed method. I am about to tell you how to save tomato seeds for planting.

So, start by cutting your cherry tomatoes in half and scooping out the insides, then scoop these seeds into a glass jar and cover with plastic wrap.

Poke some holes in the plastic wrap and leave for at least a day, out of direct sunlight but somewhere warm. 

When they have a layer of mold over them, remove the mold and rinse them under a weak stream of running water until they are clean.

From here, drain the water and lay them out on a paper towel or coffee filter to dry, which could take up to a week. They are now ready to plant! 

What Are The Best Supermarket Tomatoes To Grow Tomatoes From?

Wondering what are the best supermarket tomatoes to grow tomatoes from? The best supermarket tomatoes to grow tomatoes from are beefsteak tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.

Make sure they are an heirloom variety, as you have the best chance of a healthy harvest with heirloom varieties, and also make sure it’s a variety that you like to eat.

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Cherry Tomatoes?

Wondering how to grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes? To grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes, you can either cut them in half and plant them directly in a pot or the ground as is (fresh sliced tomato method). 

Alternatively, you can ferment the seeds, then dry them, then plant them out as required (fermented seeds method). 

Are Store Bought Tomatoes Sterile?

Are store bought tomatoes sterile? You’re probably wondering are store bought tomatoes are sterile. Well, not always. More often than not, store-bought tomatoes are not sterile.

However, they may have been treated with chemicals that can prevent the seeds from germinating. Or they may grow a bush that never produces any tomatoes. Your best bet is to use tomatoes that are heirloom variety tomatoes.

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket

Can I Cut A Tomato In Half And Plant It?

Wondering if you can cut a tomato in half and plant it? Yes, you can cut a tomato in half and plant it. This is similar to the fresh sliced tomato method described above. The problem with this is that many baby tomato plants might pop up, and then they will need to be thinned out.

Can I Ferment Tomato Seeds?

So, can you ferment tomato seeds? Yes, you can ferment tomato seeds. This will help them to germinate more quickly and produce healthier plants.

Can You Grow Tomatoes From Canned Tomatoes?

Can you grow tomatoes from canned tomatoes? No, you can not grow tomatoes from canned tomatoes, or in fact from any tomatoes that have been cooked. Once the tomato seeds have been cooked, the seeds will no longer germinate.

How To Propagate Tomatoes?

Curious about how to propagate tomatoes? Would you like to know how to propagate tomatoes? If you want to grow more tomatoes, then taking cuttings from your existing tomato plants is a great way to do it! 

You can increase your yield of tomatoes by taking cuttings from your tomato plants and planting them. They will develop fruit later on than the plants that the cuttings came from, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you move these plants into a greenhouse it means you can extend your tomato season right out into Autumn!

Some people also like to cut the side-shoots off of their tomato plants to help promote growth in the main stem, so to propagate tomatoes is one way to put your off-cuts to good use!

These are the easy steps you need to know to propagate your tomato plants;

Step 1: When you are ready to prune your tomato plants, get some secateurs, and cut off unwanted side shoots from the tomato plants

Step 2: Keep any cuttings that are at least 10cm long, and up to 20cm long

Step 3: Fill a jar with water, and put your cuttings in the water. You may need to remove some of the lower leaves on the cutting, do this before placing it in water

Step 4: Place the jar on a sunny windowsill, and change the water every couple of days

Step 5: In about 3-4 weeks, a strong root system will develop

Step 6: When this happens, they are ready to be planted into small pots, and then, as above, moved into larger pots or the ground when they are large enough

Well done! You just propagated a tomato plant!

how to grow tomatoes from supermarket


With a little bit of preparation and some TLC, you can be on your way to enjoying homegrown tomatoes in no time! Hopefully, now you know how to grow tomatoes from supermarket!

As we’ve shown you, the best time to plant tomatoes depends on where you live, what variety of tomatoes you choose to grow, and how you plan on growing them. 

It’s not that hard at all if you’ve ever wondered how to grow tomatoes from supermarket!

We hope that our guide has armed you with all the information you need to get started planting delicious tomatoes today. And most importantly, have fun doing it!

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