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Hi there! We are Aisha and Yusuf, brother and sister behind the gardening blog Above And Beyond Gardening. Growing up in both the Malaysian tropics and rainy UK, we both share a passion for gardening across different continents! We created our blog as a platform to record our gardening mishaps, new gardening techniques and tools, and different gardening tips . Our mission is to inspire and show new and advanced gardeners that you can grow beautiful fruit, flowers and vegetables by providing a first-hand account of our gardening adventures, which will help them start and maintain a beautiful abundant garden of their own !

Yusuf is currently in some remote countryside of France learning and working for permaculture and sustainable gardening farms. He transformed our mum’s little garden into a thriving vegetable haven. Mum cooks most of her meals using ingredients from this slice of green heaven 🙂Aisha is currently in Malaysia trying to learn all about indoor gardening, as she lives in a small apartment.  She has a history for killing plants, but it doesn’t deter her from her dream of living off the land of a little farmhouse she wants to buy (one day! Fingers crossed!)

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