How To Get Blueberry Stains Out

Want to know How To Get Blueberry Stains Out? Here is a quick and easy guide to help remove blueberry stains FAST!

There is nothing worse than ruining your favourite top or evening dress with a stain that just won’t budge. You can scrub and scrub and scrub but sometimes scrubbing alone isn’t enough.

One of the hardest stains to remove is the dreaded blueberry stain. It might be a small fruit but it is mighty in colour and that colour isn’t afraid to spread its wings and splatter all over your clothes.

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The good news is just because the blueberry has nested into your clothes does not mean that all hope is lost. There are some ways that you can still fight back against the blueberries and hopefully, this list of helpful tips will aid you in doing just that. 

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Read Your Garments Label For Any Advice

Sometimes due to materials, fastenings or other things a specific item of clothing will have certain personal instructions when it comes to cleaning. Usually these can be found in a tag inside the item that will either use words or symbols to communicate specific instructions to you.

It is important that you follow these instructions carefully and precisely as failure to do so could result in further damage. 

Act Fast

When it comes to spillages, especially on fabric materials it is important to act fast.

A lot like the sentiment that prevention is better than cure, stopping the blueberries from soaking into the material is much easier than trying to remove them once they already have. Try to react as soon as you notice that blueberry juice has got onto your item. 

Use White Vinegar Or Lemon Juice

Pretreating your stain with white vinegar or lemon juice can give you a fantastic start in defeating the blueberries.

Cover the stain in one of these liquids and then leave it to sit for around five minutes. Once the time has passed rinse the garment thoroughly making sure you do this from both the front and the back of the affected material. 

Shortcut Alert! If you don’t have vinegar or lemon juice, you can use this organic stain remover.

Wash This Particular Item On Its Own

When the time comes to put your stained item into the washing machine it can be scary enough living in the hope that it will resolve your issue but at the same time in the fear that it won’t. What’s even scarier is risking the wellbeing of your other favourite pieces.

So, in order to avoid any mishaps it is a good idea to put the stained item through the washing machine alone, this can stop the stain from transferring from one item to another. Obviously, this can be very time consuming and can delay other much needed washing being done however to save your clothes it will be worth the wait. 

Repeat The Wash

Although it might sound tedious if the stain doesn’t come out first time round your best option is to put the item back through the washing machine.

You might even need to repeat this process more than twice as blueberry stains are particularly hard to remove. There isn’t really an upper limit as to how many times you can do this. 

Do Not Dry The Item

When trying to remove the vast majority of types of stain it is important to not dry it before taking action against it.

Similarly, it is important to not dry the item in between washes but rather to let it stay damp and keep repeating the process until the stain is gone or as close to gone as possible. Only at the very end of the entire process should you let your item dry. 

Try To Use As Much Cool Water As Possible

Interestingly, it is widely believed that using hot or even boiling water is the best way to clean fabrics and to remove stains however, this is not always the case.

When it comes to blueberries the best option is to use as much cold water as possible as this is a more effective way of removing this particular stain. 

Use A Good Detergent

There are so many detergents on the market today. When trying to do something as specific as remove blueberry stains it is important that you pick a suitable detergent.

Most of the time you can simply read the box which will tell you what that particular one is good for and if it says removing tough stains then that’s your green light to go ahead. 

Why Are Blueberry Stains So Tough To Remove?

Spilling any food down your favourite top is always annoying but spilling blueberries brings about a sense of impending doom. There are many reasons that they are so hard to remove but these include the fact that blueberries seep into the material very easily and quickly.

This means that it doesn’t take long for the fibres within the material to be dyed or for individual threads to soak up the mess. Another factor is the bold color of blueberries, they run a blueish purple color which is both dark and bright so makes for a very tough stain that does not fade too easily. 

Final Thoughts

We all have some material things that we have a particularly close blond with. These could include the dress that you wore to your best friend’s wedding, your favourite top or your baby’s first blanket and when they get damaged this can be devastating.

One of the most common accidents that happens to fabric items is stains and of them blueberry stains are one of the toughest to remove. However, after reading this article hopefully you are now aware that there are ways to combat this problem.

Above all else it’s important to act fast to have the best chance of receiving a positive outcome.

Your best bet is to use a combination of all of the above methods and tricks in order to stand yourself in good stead to beat the blueberry. Remember to use cold water and to not let your treasured items dry in between washes as this gives the stain time to settle and make itself at home. 

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