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How To Get Rid of Midges Once And For All!

Are you wondering how to get rid of midges? Here is a quick and easy guide so you can get rid of pesky midges once and for all!

Midges can be extremely annoying to deal with and you can bet that where there’s one there is bound to be many more.

There are several types of midges some are just pure nuisances whereas others will nip at your skin and feed on your blood which can also be quite painful, not to mention that they are unhygienic creatures that can make your lovely home unsanitary.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of midges we can bet that you want to do it fast. Knowing how to take on this mini army can be hard but hopefully, after reading this article you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to take them down once and for all. 


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Remove All Standing And Pooled Water

Standing and pooled water can attract midges therefore if you have any of this in your home it is important to let it drain away.

Common places to have standing water within your house are in the sink, in cups and in old pans so make sure that all of these are empty. As most water is used in bathrooms and kitchens these rooms can be a great starting place. 

Create Traps

Midge traps are one of the most direct ways to combat midges. They can be purchased online or you can follow instructions to create your own.  Trap lamps can be one of the cheapest forms of traps and can be found with a simple Google or Amazon search. 

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Close All Windows And Doors

This might seem obvious but avoidance is better than cure. Closing all windows and doors stops midges from entering the building. The only problem with this method is that midges are most common in summer and keeping all windows and doors closed at this time of year can be extremely stuffy and even dangerous. 

Use Woven Screens On Your Windows

Failing the above suggestion of keeping all windows and doors closed, another option could be using woven screens on your windows. This would allow you to air the house and keep windows open allowing for a breeze but would still stop midges from entering your environment. 

how to get rid of midges with woven screens

Make Sure That Your House Is Structurally Sound

This may sound random when it comes to getting rid of midges but having a structurally damaged house could be letting the pesky midges in. Be sure to look out for cracks and holes within the walls, flooring, roof and entrances to your house as these are some of the most common entryways for midges.

If you find any structural issues with the house it is important to get these dealt with immediately both to help with the midges situation and to keep you safe more generally.

Ways of solving such issues could include completing simple home repairs yourself, calling a D.I.Y helper or having more advanced specialists out to do the work depending on how complex and dangerous the jobs that need doing are. 

You can hang non-toxic trapsticks around your house to attract pesky midges. The scent given off will attract these flies away from your food and you!

How To Get Rid of Midges

Do Not Leave Food And Drinks Out

Stopping leaving food and drink out can massively reduce the attraction that midges have to your house. When it comes to food and drinks these little insects are attracted to the smell and taste or pretty much anything so it’s best to leave nothing at all out. 

Take The Bins Out Regularly

Similarly, keeping food in inside bins can have a detrimental effect as midges can still be attracted to it. Make sure that you are emptying your bins into the outside bin as much as possible and preferably keeping them away from the house.  

General House Hygiene

Keeping your house clean, tidy and germ-free can be one of the best ways of warning off midges. It is important to make sure that as soon as spillages and accidents happen you are cleaning them up and not leaving the floor and sides to get sticky as this is midge heaven. It can be a good idea to inform any relatives living with you of this plan so that they can do the same. 

Leave The Toilet Lid Down

Leaving the toilet lid down means that midges will not be attracted to the pooled water in the bottom of the toilet or any other remnants in the toilet. This simple action can be hard to get used to so perhaps try sticking a post-it note above the sink so that you see it straight after using the toilet. 

Make Sure That No Midges Follow You Into The House

Due to midges’ microscopic size, this can be a difficult one to achieve. However, making sure that no more midges follow you into the house can be one of the biggest contributing factors to getting rid of them as midges reproduce fast and their population within your home will grow and grow.

The best ways of stopping them from following you inside are coming in swiftly and closing the door quickly behind you. 

Final Thoughts

Midges can be very annoying and even dangerous so it’s understandable that you want to get rid of them. The problem is that they usually come in swarms so knowing where to start in terms of taking them on can be really difficult.

Firstly, one of the best steps towards a midge free house is to stop them multiplying, as stated above the best ways to this are by keeping all doors and windows closed or placing midge proof covering over them when they are open.

It is also a good idea to minimise things which are attractive to midges such as pooled water or food and drinks left on the side.

In conclusion, you are probably going to have to use a variety of the methods above to get rid of the problem which can be very time consuming but is definitely worth it to keep your home hygienic and midge free.

Wherever you choose to start, good luck and be sure to appreciate your new, safe, midge-less home.