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How To Propagate A Chinese Evergreen : 2022 Guide

Want to know How To Propagate A Chinese Evergreen the right way? Here is a quick and easy guide so you can propagate like a pro!

Whether you’re a first-time plant parent or a well-seasoned plant aficionado, nothing compares to finding a plant that is both gorgeous and low-maintenance.

Unfortunately, this combination of beauty and robustness often feels hard to come by. Most of us have experienced those particularly grumpy houseplants who refuse to thrive regardless of where you position them and how much water you give them. 

However, the (practically) indestructible Chinese evergreen is a house plant that fulfils every plant owner’s dreams. Minimal access to natural light and long periods without water don’t bother this hardy house plant. It’s also known for its beautiful, colourful foliage, which brightens up any room in the house. 

Once you’ve experienced the easy-going beauty of Chinese evergreen, it’s likely that you’ll want to buy more and more. However, as we are well aware, the price of plants can really (really!) add up.

Fortunately, if you have successfully raised a Chinese evergreen, there is a cost-free route to getting another – you can propagate! 

You’ve likely heard the term ‘propagate’ circulating on social media, included in the captions below photos of gloriously well-lit, white-walled apartments which are saturated with healthy, glowing green foliage.

We admit, even the word ‘propagate’ feels a little intimidating and suggests an over-complicated process. 

However, we can assure you, that is not the case at all. In this article, we will show you exactly how to propagate your Chinese evergreen safely and successfully, so that you can fill your house with the vibrant, trouble-free plant. 


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how to propagate a chinese evergreen

About The Chinese Evergreen 

Chinese evergreens are also known as Aglaonema, which is their genus. They originate from the tropical forests in Southeast Asia. There are over 100 varieties of Chinese evergreen, the colours of which can include various shades of green, yellow, and red.

Some also host fun speckled or striped patterns. The most popular variety is called the ‘Silver Queen’ and sports classy, silvery stripes on top of long green leaves. 

As previously mentioned, the plant thrives in low natural light or even artificial light. It should be watered scarcely so that it has time to dry out in between each watering, and requires a dry humidity to thrive.

The Chinese evergreen can live for a long period of time, up to eight years! However, to ensure its longevity, every two years it requires repotting. 

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how to propagate a chinese evergreen

Finally, it’s important to note that the Chinese evergreen does, unfortunately, have a downside. It is poisonous to animals and humans if the juice from the plant is touched or ingested.

In humans, you may also experience a painful rash. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the plant is out of reach from pets and children. 

What Is Propagation? 

Now we understand the needs of the Chinese evergreen, we can move on to propagation. Propagation is the process of breeding plants and can be performed in two different ways. 

Asexual Propagation

Asexual propagation is the most common way to propagate plants in your household. Asexual propagation involves one plant, which you take apart, and cause it to grow into a genetically identical plant to the original.

Methods of asexual propagation are cuttings (using a piece of stem or leaf), division, layering, budding, and grafting. 

Sexual Propagation

Sexual propagation is less common in households, however, it is still possible. This type is propagation requires two parent plants, whose genetic material is combined through pollination and fertilization.

Unlike asexual propagation, the product of this process is a plant whose genetic material is different from both parent plants. For larger-scale projects, sexual propagation may be quicker and cheaper. 

How To Propagate A Chinese Evergreen 

The process of propagating a Chinese evergreen can be relatively simple. We outline two different ways of asexually propagating your plant below. 

Place your stem cuttings in these propagating test tubes before replanting them.

how to propagate a chinese evergreen

Propagation Using Stem Cuttings

The easiest way to propagate your Chinese evergreen is to use stem cuttings, so it’s a great option for beginners! For the best results, make sure to do this process during the warm growing season.

To propagate using stem cuttings, just follow these simple steps: 

  1. First, make sure to wear gloves and use a sanitized, sharp pair of scissors. 
  2. Cut off a few stems, roughly 6 inches long. Ideally, look for newly grown stems, with at least five leaves. 
  3. Suspend your cuttings in cups of water, and place them where they will get plenty of sunlight. 
  4. Keep an eye on them, and once the roots begin growing (this can take around 3 weeks), plant your cuttings in some soil. 
  5. Alternatively, you can skip step three, and plant your cuttings in fertile soil treated with a rooting hormone straight after you’ve cut them. 
  6. Keep your fingers crossed and watch your new Chinese evergreen flourish. 

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Propagation Using Division 

Another fairly simple way to propagate your Chinese evergreen is to use a division process. This process is ideal if you have an older Chinese evergreen that will require repotting. This process is also best done in the warmer months.

To propagate using division, follow these simple steps: 

  1. For this, you will need gloves and an extra pot. 
  2. Carefully take the plant out of its pot. 
  3. Separate the plant into sections, by slowly teasing the clump of roots apart. 
  4. Place your now separated plants into new pots, containing the same type of soil that they are used to. 
  5. Make sure to give your plants enough water, to ensure their full recovery. 
  6. Look for somewhere great to put your new Chinese evergreen. 

Final Thoughts 

The Chinese evergreen is a wonderful plant, being both gorgeous and hardy, there is no surprise that you would want to create more of them! Ideal for beginners, the Chinese evergreen is actually one of the easiest plants to propagate, meaning that there is no reason that you shouldn’t (eventually) be able to fill your house with these beauties!

As a bonus, the Chinese evergreen is a symbol of good fortune across Asia. We hope that our simple instructions will help you create a greener, more prosperous home.