How To Repot Pothos : A Quick And Easy Guide 2022

Want to know how to repot your Pothos?

And are you the owner of an overgrown pothos plant? If you answered yes to that question, you’re in the right place!

As we’re sure you’re already well aware, the pothos plant has the tendency to grow very quickly, which is why it’s important to make sure that you’re regularly repotting so its roots can thrive. 

From its big, vibrant leaves, all the way to its winding stems – the pothos plant can quickly outgrow its home. The only question is, though, how do you go about re-potting one, exactly?

If you’re currently asking yourself this question and you’re not sure where to start, then rest assured that we’re here to lend a helping hand. 

In order to make sure that your pothos plant stays healthy as can be, in this article we’re going to be talking you through everything you need to know regarding pothos plant care. From why repotting is important, all the way to easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, we’ve made sure to cover all bases.

So, whenever you’re ready – just read on!


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how to repot pothos

When Should You Repot Your Pothos Plant?

Before we talk you through how to re-pot your photos, we first think that it would be a  good idea to talk you through when you should consider repotting, especially if it’s your first time owning one and you’re struggling to spot the signs.

The most obvious reason that you should learn how to re-pot your pothos plant is if you are noticing that it is visibly overgrowing its pot.

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how to repot pothos

However, there are a variety of other telltale signs that your pothos is in need of replanting, including the following:

  • You can see that the roots of your pothos plant are tightly wrapped in the soil, as this is a strong indication that the roots require more space. 
  • If you’re noticing that your pothos plant is appearing quite dull or limp, then this is another surefire indication that your pothos plant is in need of replanting. 
  • If you’re noticing that the soil is drying out very quickly after watering, then this is another strong indication that your pothos plant needs to be replanted into a new pot.

Why Should You Repot Your Pothos Plant?

Why Should You Re-pot Your Pothos Plant

Even though planting your pothos plant into a new pot can seem like quite a tedious process to have to go through (especially given how quickly a pothos plant can grow) it’s important to make sure that you’re staying on top of it, as there are a variety of benefits that will come along with making sure that your pothos plant has plenty of room to grow – including the following:

  • Provides a much-needed uptake in nutrients: As soon as you re-pot your pothos, the fresh soil paired with the larger size of the pot will ensure that all of the nutrients from the water (and fertilizer if you plan on using it) will be evenly distributed to all of the roots.  
  • Prevents root bounding: As we have already discussed above, pothos plants are at risk of becoming root bound (which is a process of the roots becoming tightly wrapped together due to restrictive spaces) which is why repotting is so important. By doing so, you will not only ensure that your pothos plant has all of the room it needs to flourish, but also that water will be able to evenly distribute itself to all of the roots.
  • Allow the pothos plant to grow: It’s no secret that pothos plants like to grow, so it only makes sense that you should ensure that it is housed in a pot large enough to give it space to grow, right? Right. By re-potting your pothos into an appropriately sized pot, you will be helping to strengthen its root system by giving the roots enough space to stretch out and thrive.

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how to repot pothos

How To Repot Your Pothos Plant

So, now that you’re well aware of how to spot the signs that your pothos plant needs to be repotted, as well as the benefits of doing so, we’re now going to be talking you through how to repot your pothos plant! Read on for the instructions below:

Step one: To begin, you will need to gently begin to loosen the soil surrounding your pothos plant, so that the roots can be better exposed. If needed, you might find it helpful to place the pot on its side, as this will help to loosen the soil.

If you’re struggling to do this, then we recommend taking a shovel and gently removing some of the soil, so that you can get to the roots underneath. Once you have done this, gently lift up your pothos plant so that it is entirely removed from the soil and ready to be transferred to its new pot.

Step two: Once you have successfully removed your pothos plant, proceed to take some potting soil and place it in the bottom of the pot, as this will help your pothos plant to accept the new environment more quickly.

As a side note, you should make sure that the pot is slightly larger than its previous one if you’re re-potting due to growth, otherwise, you’re going to encounter the same problems as before.

After doing this, you should then add the rest of the potting soil around the sides of your pothos, ensuring that there are a few inches of space towards the top of the pot.

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how to repot pothos

Step three: After you have finished putting your pothos into its new pot and you’ve added all of the potting soil, the next step you will need to do is to water your pothos as you usually would.

As a side note, we don’t recommend that you use any fertilizer for a few weeks or so after you have transferred it to a new pot, as the roots will need to get time to settle into the soil.

In addition to this, we also recommend that you keep your pothos plant directly out of sunlight, as this could negatively affect the roots and cause them to overexert themselves while they’re adjusting to the new pot.

Well, there you have it! A quick and easy guide on how to re-pot your Pothos, so they can grow to their full potential!

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