How To Hang Plants Without Drilling (8 Genius Ways!)

Want to know how to hang plants without drilling holes in your beautiful house?

Maybe your house isn’t even that beautiful but you want to make sure you get your rental deposit back when you move out, ha!

Either way, adding plants to your living area is a great way of enhancing the space.

However, drilling holes into the ceiling isn’t always doable, especially if you live in rented accommodation or you simply don’t want to risk ruining your ceilings. In some cases, the ceilings or walls may be too weak for you to drill into. 

There are several ways that you can hang plants without drilling and we have identified them in our guide below. Each of these techniques will allow you to display your plants in unique and beautiful ways. 


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Use Magnetic Hooks

Depending on where you plan on hanging the plants, you may be able to use a magnetic hook. This method will only work if there is a metal fixture in the room that you can attach the hook to.

how to hang plants without drilling

Once you have secured the hook, you can then hang the plant from it. The majority of these hooks are high strength and can support a decent amount of weight so you don’t have to worry about heavier plants causing them to break. 

Use Suction Cups

You can use suction cups to hang your plants without drilling. This technique will work for indoor and outdoor plants. You can attach the suction cups to a skylight or a window. Essentially, suction cups can only be used to hang plants safely from glass. Do not try to stick them to any other surface. 

how to hang plants without drilling

The main problem with suction cups is that they are not suitable for heavy plants. In fact, most have a maximum weight capacity of 5 pounds, adding anything heavier than this is going to weaken the seal. 

Use Adhesive Hooks

The next option involves using adhesive hooks. Command hooks are going to work particularly well if you want to hang plants from your ceiling.

how to hang plants without drilling

A great thing about these hooks is that they do not cause any damage as they simply stick to the surface of the wall or the ceiling. Adhesive hooks are also adjustable so you can alter them so that they are the perfect fit. 

Simply peel the adhesive cover off the back of the hook and then stick it to the wall or ceiling, applying some pressure to make sure that it forms a strong bond.

Take your plant pot (it will need to have a hook or some twine/rope attached to it) and then loop it over the adhesive hook. Remember to choose hooks that can support the weight of the plants that you are intending to display. 

Use Over The Door Hooks

If you have doors in your home that are not used very often, you can use some over-the-door hooks. As implied by the name of these hooks, you simply need to hang them over your door and choose plant pots that have hooks or twine attached to them.

how to hang plants without drilling

Typically, over the door hooks are used to hang towels or robes, etc. You must make sure that the hooks do not sit too close to the door because otherwise, this will squash the plants and they will have insufficient room to hang. 

Use Some Tension Rods

Use Some Tension Rods

A great way to spruce up the appearance of your windows is to add some tension rods. They will also save you from having to drill into the wall or the ceiling. These rods require pressure to remain in place and they are used for a variety of purposes.

If you want to build up the display you can use multiple rods and then hang a few plants from both of them. Tension rods can hold a decent amount of weight so you can add a selection of plants without worrying about them falling.

They also aren’t going to look like an obtrusive addition to the room that they are added in. In fact, you will likely find that when the plants are added, they blend in pretty well. 

Use Floating Shelves

This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy experimenting with DIY. As suggested by the name of these shelves, they are designed to hang rather than be drilled into the wall. Using string you can hang the planter from a fixture in the room such as a rail.

Again, you must make sure that the plants that you put onto the shelf are not too heavy because they may cause the string to break. If at any point you change your mind and decide against hanging the shelves, you can place the shelf on a windowsill or counter. 

Use C Clamps

C clamps are typically used in metal or woodworking projects but why not use them to display your plants. This is going to be the best option for those who have open doorways or arches. Begin by opening the clamp and securing the jaws around a section of drywall.

how to hang plants without drilling

Then tighten the clamp until both jaws are securely attached to your wall. Take your plant pot and then hang it from the long section of the clamp that is visible at the end.

Now, this option may not cater to everyone’s preferences, however, it is likely to be appreciated by those who want to emulate a modern/ industrial look. It is important to make sure that you do not overtighten the clamp otherwise there is a risk that you may damage the wall that you are securing it to. 

Use Individual S Hooks

We have mentioned several different types of hooks throughout our guide, however, S hooks are a good option for those who want to hang a single plant here and there to break up areas in certain rooms.

Of course, you will need to make sure that there is somewhere for you to hang the hook, however, you will likely find that this option works indoors and outdoors. The load capacity of the S hook will differ depending on its size so you will need to make your selection accordingly.

They are also readily available from the majority of stores.

s hook hanging plant

Well, there you have it!

How to hang plants without drilling holes in your beautiful house or without losing your rental deposit!

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