How To Propagate Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant) in 8 Simple Steps

How to propagate Crassula Succulents have significantly increased in popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why!

They come in a huge range of unique styles that make any interior look fabulous, and they tend to be super easy to care for. What more could you want?

Crassula succulents tend to be especially popular. Their funky leaf shapes and subtle hints of colour have won the hearts of many plant owners.

If you’re one such plant owner, and you fancy learning how to propagate your crassula plant, take a look at the information below!


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What Is and How to Propagate Crassula?

Crassula is a genus of succulent plants that contains around 200 accepted species, including the Crassula Ovata, otherwise known as the jade plant.

This plant is probably the most widely recognized Crassula, or even, the most widely recognized succulent! 

This is the succulent that we are going to focus on here – however, the methods of propagation we discuss will work for many different types of succulents within the Crassula genus!

So, let’s learn a little bit more about the Crassula Ovata. 


Crassula Ovata has a very distinct appearance. It has thick and strong oval or tube-shaped leaves that are mainly a rich, lime green colour.

However, the tips tend to have a reddish tint. It has a thick trunk and thick stems that are similar to that of the bonsai tree. 


Although you will likely recognize the Crassula Ovata, it is unlikely that you’ve ever seen one flower. That’s because it can be very rare. We’ve had one for years and we’ve never seen it flower! 

Saying that some growers get lucky. Sometimes, when a mature Crassula Ovata is kept in perfect conditions, it produces the most beautiful flowers.

They are dainty white or pastel pink flowers that make the plant look even more lovely.   

General Care  

The Crassula Ovata is a particularly hardy plant. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when caring for one. 

Indoor Light Requirements 

Crassula Ovata plants love bright locations. When it is kept in partial shade, the Crassula Ovata tends to turn deeper green in colour. With more sun exposure, you get to see the red hue on the tips. 

To keep them completely perfect, they require between 4 and 6 hours of bright, direct light every day. Even though it will survive in subpar conditions, it will only tolerate shaded areas for so long. 

Placing an indoor lamp ensures your Crassula plant has a longer light exposure!

how to propagate crassula

Outdoor Light Requirements 

You can also keep Crassula Ovata plants outside. They will enjoy being in a position that receives anywhere from light shade to full sunlight.

However, if you plan on putting it in a particularly bright spot, it will need to be acclimated first, to prevent it from burning!

You can do this by gradually increasing the amount of sunlight it receives. Start by exposing your succulent to direct morning sun.

Then, gradually begin exposing it to the direct sun later in the day, until it is able to cope with the intense afternoon heat.


Crassula Ovata will deal with mild frost well. However, it is important that they aren’t exposed to freezing temperatures for very long.

If you want to grow your plant outdoors, but are concerned about the winter, re recommend growing it in a pot. That way, you can bring it indoors if the winter weather becomes too severe. 


Crassula Ovata is like any other succulent. They need well-draining soil. We use a mixture of cactus potting mix and perlite, and it works like a dream!

How to propagate crassula pot

Use an organic potting soil mix for better soil drainage and thriving roots!

how to propagte crassula


Generally, the water requirements of the Crassula Ovata depend on the climate in which you live. However, the general rule is to not let your plant stay wet for too long after watering. When you water, little by little is key! 

If you live in a particularly dry climate, you will need to water your plant roughly once every 10 days or so during the summer. During the winter, you can cut it down to around once every two weeks.

If you live in a more humid climate, you definitely don’t need to water your plants very much, especially if you keep them indoors and in a more shaded area. If they aren’t receiving much light, overwatering is a real danger!  

When we’re unsure of when to water our Crassula Ovata, we check the moisture of the soil. The top inch (or so) of the soil needs to be dry before you should water it again.

If you’re still not confident, it’s always best to leave it a few days. This plant prefers underwatering to overwatering! 

For better and more accurate results, using a moisture test kit can tell you your plant’s actual water requirements.

how to propagate crassula

How To Propagate Crassula Ovata 

It’s no secret that the Crassula Ovata is a very popular plant. It is hardy, easy to grow, and looks good in just about any spot – inside or outside! As such, it’s useful to know how to propagate this plant. 

If you already have a thriving Crassula Ovata and are desperate for more, check out the two propagation methods below. You’ll have a house full of them in no time (well, it will take quite some time… but it will be worth it!). 

Stem Method on How To Propagate Crassula

This is our favourite way to propagate the Crassula Ovata. It is very simple and generally tends to be the most successful. For the best results, make sure you use large and healthy stem cuttings. 

1. Use a sterilized knife to cleanly cut the stem. Choose a section of stem that has at least two nodes (bumps that the leaves grow from). We also like to include some healthy leaves if possible. 

2. Pluck off the leaves from the bottom of the stem cutting. Leave the healthy leaves at the very top. 

3. Leave the cutting in a warm and dry area. We like to leave them on our kitchen windowsill, as it gets a fair amount of light. This step is very important, as it makes your cutting less susceptible to health issues. 

4. Now, you have an option. You can either use the soil method or the water method. For the soil method, you simply need to plant your stem cutting into some well-draining, loose soil, and lightly water it. 

5. For the water method, you just need to place your stem cutting into a glass of water and leave it in indirect sunlight. You will need to change the water a few times a week. Once the stem has grown roots that are around two inches long, you can re-pot your plant! 

Leaf Method on How To Propagate Crassula

This method is very similar to the one above. People often prefer it as they can use leaves that have already fallen, and thus, don’t need to risk damaging their pre-existing plant. 

1. Pick leaves from the stem of your plant (or use one that has recently fallen!). 

2. Give your leaf a few days in a warm and dry environment. 

3. Now, simply place your leaves on top of the soil, and spray them with water every few days. The soil should stay ever so slightly moist. Once the roots have started to appear, you can plant them properly and switch to a regular watering schedule. 

Place your stem and leaf cuttings in a propagating test tube for better root development.

how to propagate crassula


Crassula Ovata is a truly wonderful plant. It has a unique appearance that stands out in any interior, and it is wonderfully easy to look after.

What more could you ask for? We hope that this article inspires you to propagate your succulents!

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