Why Are Pink Princess Philodendrons So Beloved? – Care Tips [2022]

Why are Pink Princess Philodendrons So beloved? Pink princess philodendrons are extremely popular and beloved plants – but they can also be somewhat expensive, and sometimes difficult to get hold of.

Exactly what is it about these plants that make people love them so much? And how hard are they to grow and care for yourself?


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Why Are Pink Princess Philodendrons So Beloved?

Simply put, it’s the way that the pink princess philodendron looks which makes it such a beloved plant.

It’s one of the most strikingly beautiful plants that you’ll ever see – once you learn to appreciate its charms, you’ll fall in love with the strongly variegated leaves, the pastel-like pinks, and the deep, rich green hues.

The fascinating variegation of the leaves makes this plant expensive to breed and grow.

This is because when growing the plants there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get the pink and green variegation that so characterizes the pink princess philodendron.

Even a plant grown from a strongly variegated mother plant can’t be guaranteed to share the same vibrant and interesting patterns its parent has.

Therefore, the number of these plants that are growing that can actually be sold as pink princess philodendrons is perhaps lower than you might have thought!

There are of course plants that have similar visual characteristics that are also extremely popular – but of course, if it’s a real pink princess philodendron that you’re after, then you might well have to spend a little more money.

The glorious colour of the pink princess philodendron almost looks artificial – but it is indeed 100% natural.

The plants do produce some flowers – but their significance is nothing when compared to the attractiveness of the richly coloured leaves of the pink princess philodendron.

Caring for Pink Princess Philodendron

Provided you give the pink princess philodendron the right conditions, it can actually be pretty easy to take care of these plants.

why are pink princess philodendrons so beloved in pot white

Just as with any other plant you could grow, there are of course certain things that you have to take into consideration – but on the whole, and considering the attractiveness of this plant, you’ll find that it’s a fairly easy plant to maintain.


The most important factor when it comes to the variegation of the pink princess philodendron is light. You’ll need to make sure that you put the plant in a place that gets several hours of bright yet indirect light every day.

A few hours of direct sunlight per day is also ok if you’re growing these plants indoors – and in fact, could help to increase the variegation of the pink princess philodendron.

If you want to grow these beautiful plants indoors but just don’t have enough light you can of course always use a Full-spectrum indoor head grow light. Getting the right amount of light is key to the beautiful pink colouration.

philodendron pink princess indoor grow light

Soil and Water

In terms of soil, make sure you’ve got rich and healthy soil that has good drainage. Make sure you don’t overwater these plants.

You can probably get away with letting the top half of the soil get pretty dry before you’ll need to give them a thorough watering. Too much water means you’re running the risk of waterlogging the soil and giving your plants root rot.

Using a moisture meter will give you accurate water readings indicating whether your plant needs watering or not

philodendron pink princess moisture meter

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature can be a little bit of a concern for the pink princess philodendron. It’s definitely not a fan of the cold! Anything below 60 degrees Fahrenheit is a pretty terrible idea for this plant.

Ideally, you’ll keep them between 65 degrees and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. They also prefer humid conditions – but they actually don’t need too much humidity to thrive.

In fact, you’ll find that the temperature range and average humidity of your house are probably completely fine for the pink princess philodendron.


The growing season of the pink princess philodendron is spring and summer. During this time, you’ll probably find that the plant benefits from the use of organic liquid fertilizer.

philodendron pink princess liquid fertilizer

By the time fall comes, your plant will be entering a dormant period – at this point, you should stop using the fertilizer.

Pruning – Why Are Pink Princess Philodendrons So Beloved

The leaves on the pink princess philodendron should never be entirely pink or of course, entirely green – as the green colour is essential for the plants’ health, and the pink is essential for the look of the plant.

A pink princess philodendron that has leaves with too much pink colouration could well do with a little work pruning these leaves back for the health of the plant.

Likewise, a pink princess philodendron that has too much green growth can have its pink colours encouraged by cutting back some of the older greener leaves – and allowing newer leaves a chance to grow.


Every couple of years you might well find that it’s a good idea to re-pot your pink princess philodendron. This is definitely true if you find that the root system of the plant has become too large for the pot that it’s contained in.

When the time comes to re-pot, make sure to give the plant a good watering the day before.

Transfer it to a larger pot that has good drainage, and then water it again after the re-potting procedure is done. The best time of year to do this is the spring or summer,

as it gives the plant the best chance of recovering from any trauma that it may suffer during the re-potting.

why are pink princess philodendrons so beloved mini plant in a pot on wooden table

How to Propagate Pink Princess Philodendrons

Propagating a pink princess philodendron is actually fairly easy. You just need a sharp and clean pair of scissors to take a cutting that has at least one leaf.

  1. Make sure you cut just below a node – a part of the plant where leaves and roots grow from the stem. Having the node on your cutting means that you’ve got a great place to start a root system from.
  2. Place the cutting in view of the sun in some room temperature water for a few weeks. Make sure that the leaves aren’t submerged in the water, but that the node is. You’ll need to replace this water every so often.
  3. After a few weeks, you should have roots coming from your cuttings that are 2 or 3 inches long. At this stage, they’re ready to be planted!

Pick a pot that’s the right size for your cutting, and plant it with some organic indoor plant potting mix. From this point on you can treat it like any other plant!

philodendron pink princess organic potting mix


With such beautiful leaves, it is of course no surprise that many people absolutely adore these gorgeous plants. If you’re one of those people,

then hopefully this article has given you the information you need to grow and care for your own!

Why Are Pink Princess Philodendrons So Beloved? – Care Tips [2022]

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