Best Hose Splitter [2022 Guide]

Looking for the Best Hose Splitter? Here are all the best ones on the market, pros, cons and how to use them properly!

It’s common to see gardeners struggling to manage a range of different garden hoses at the same time, connected to various taps across the garden. We know this can be difficult, inconvenient, and an all-around frustrating task. It takes time and effort and stops you from being able to multitask.

Imagine being able to wash your car and water your garden at the same time? Both from the same water connection? Sounds impossible right? Well, it’s not.

If this is something you’re keen to try, keep reading because we’re about to explain what tool can help you do this. We’re talking about a garden hose splitter, every gardener’s new favourite tool. 

Connecting two to four hoses from the same tap, the garden hose splitter will be your new best friend.

Watering will be a breeze, time will be saved and frustrations will end. That is why we have selected some of the best hose splitters on the market suited for different budgets, purposes, and how easy they are to manage, to help you find the perfect one.

We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide at the end to point you in the right direction when researching, as well as an FAQ section. So, let’s get started.


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Our Best Hose Splitter Reviews

Morvat Heavy Duty Brass Garden Hose Connector Tap Splitter 

best hose splitter

The Morvat Brass Garden Hose Connector is built entirely out of solid brass and is built to last. As one of Morvet’s strongest designs, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something reliable, long-lasting, and sturdy and this is why we’re kicking our list of recommendations off with it.

The brass construction prevents any rust and leakage as well as withstanding high pressure and all weather conditions. Also, as it’s such a heavy-duty two-way garden splitter, it’s perfect for big gardens and getting the job done efficiently.

The handles on the Morvat splitter are easy to grip and turn, and the adjustable flow control makes it easy to use, giving you total control of the water flow for watering flowers, washing your car, or even cleaning the patio.

The pressure regulator allows you to control the pressure rate with the adjustment of a brass lever and it’s also fitted with high-quality ball valves for watertight shut-off.

Finally, the splitter is designed specifically to accommodate all standard hoses and the main connector creates a tight seal on all water outlets with metal or plastic threading.

It’s easy to install and even comes with 10 washers for future replacements. The Morvat hose splitter has it all.


  • Durable- All-brass construction.
  • Attached Regulator- Control water flow and pressure easily.
  • Easy to Install- Easy setup and accommodates all standard hoses.
  • No Leakages- High-quality ball valves.


  • Taps Stiff– The taps are quite small and can get stiff.

Trazon 2 way Water Splitter 

best hose splitter

If you’re looking for one of the highest quality multifunctional garden hose splitters on the market, look no further than the Trazon 2 way splitter. Tarzan promises to take your gardening to new heights.

By simply rotating the connector to attach to your spigot you can turn your spigot into two high flow water sources allowing you to do chores in half the time.

The heavy-duty robust construction made of rustproof zinc alloy and plastic as well as the rubberized grip promises to last a lifetime and withstand the harshest weather conditions so you’re prepared for anything.

The universal size hose splitter fits any kind of spigot and is compatible with any faucet time. The hose splitter also rotates 360 degrees which allow you to pull hoses in all sorts of directions.

The handles allow for smooth shut on and off and the rubber coating on them means they are ideal for those with stiff or smaller hands. It’s also great for gardeners with arthritis or neuropathy.

You can easily switch the faucet outputs and turn the handles without bruises or breaking nails, meaning it truly is accessible to all.

The connector is also super easy to attach and tighten by a simple rotation which means no tools or experience is needed and it will save you even more time in the garden right from opening the box.

Tarzan promises no leakages and this is why they have installed a smooth thread and rubber ring for ultimate leakage protection.

Finally, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning you won’t be burning through cheaper unreliable hose splitters all the time. If you want a product that’s designed for every gardener with the greatest attention to detail and care, this could be the one for you.


  • Durable– Heavy-duty robust connection and premium materials.
  • Universal- Will fit any American 3/4” spigot and works with 0.8Mpa water press.
  • Lifetime Guarantee- Hassle-free lifetime warranty- can be exchanged at any time.
  • Comfortable to Use- Rubber-coated handles perfect for all types of hands.
  • No Leakages- Leak protection with the thread and rubber ring.


  • Sizing- Outside diameter of the male threads can be smaller than other similar fittings.

Orbit 62009 3-Way Plastic Hose Faucet Valve Manifold

best hose splitter

The orbit 62009 Plastic Hose Faucet is an affordable choice that has three shut-off valves and two side connections so are perfect if you’re looking for something with multiple hose connections.

This means you can use the faucet valves with the shut-off and on lids, as well as connect two additional hoses on two sides. The three shut off and on valves give you total control of the water flow, so it is a sustainable choice, making sure you waste less water.

It’s also a durable hose splitter as the Orbit 62009 has made the hose splitter 3 ways with ribbed and robust plastic that is sturdy and reliable.

You can therefore expect non-stop consistent performance and an adequate water flow at all times. The ball valves stop any leakages and the mounting bracket that comes with it enhances its stability.

A final feature worth mentioning is that the orbit has a threaded female brass swivel end connection and facilitates ¾ inches connection. This means controlling the water direction is easy and accessible.

The orbit is for outdoor use only and with cold water only so ensure you avoid any damages by using hot water and enjoy!


  • Sturdy- High-quality materials.
  • Stable- Mounting brace included.
  • Adaptable- Three faucet valves and two additional hose connections.
  • Sustainable- Shut on and off valves.
  • Easy to Use- Swivel end connection to easily control water direction.


  • Brace Angles- The mounting brace is sometimes disrupted by the angle of certain spigots making it tricky to install and mount.

Twinkle Star 4 Way Heavy Duty Brass Garden Hose Splitter

best hose splitter

Next on our list is this Twinkle Star 4 Way Garden Hose Splitter. This is perfect if you’re looking for a splitter with more than 2 ways as you can convert a single water outlet into 4 ways.

This means you could have one to water plants, one to use a sprinkler, one to wash your car, and one to wash your fencing for example. It’s made of high quality, heavy-duty brass which is both solid and durable ready to take on any weather condition, and is also corrosion-proof which extends its service time considerably.

The splitter not only comes in 4 ways but also comes with 4 O-rings and a thread seal tape so everything fits together perfectly and is held in place for a long time.

Each hose connector can also be turned on and off individually and so you can use them according to your personal gardening needs at different times. It’s also leak-tight as it comes equipped with high-quality ball valves for a tight and sturdy closure. 

For a splitter that is 4 way, it’s also an affordable option and easy to both set up and use, making it accessible and a convenient choice for all gardeners. 


  • 4 way- 4-way hose splitter, perfect for multitasking.
  • Durable- Made of high-quality, heavy-duty brass.
  • Inexpensive- Affordable option.
  • Leakproof- Fitted with high-quality ball valves.


  • Deteriorating Rings- As with many other rings, these rings can deteriorate so it’s best to have some spare.
  • Lever’s stiff- The on/off levers can be stiff at first and hard to turn but they loosen up after use.

RIFFUE 4 Way Garden Hose Splitter

best hose splitter

Our final recommendation is yet another 4-way hose splitter by Riffue. Another affordable option for a splitter that splits in 4 ways, this product is also made of solid brass making it durable and longer-lasting than similar plastic models and can support up to 0.8 MPa water pressure.

A standard ¾ inch splitter, it also fits most standard hoses. Plus, having a 4-way splitter is great for garden irrigation, landscape irrigation, and seeding growth and can make your gardening life a whole lot easier. 

Like the Twinkle Star 4-way splitter, the package also comes with 4 O-rings and 1 thread seal tape so you can recreate that tight seal. It also has adjustable flow control, meaning you can use the splitter as a pressure regulator by adjusting the brass levers and making the most out of finding that perfect flow. 

Don’t worry about leaks either as the Riffue hose splitter has knurled round connectors to make it easy for you to tighten or loosen your connection with the water source.

You could even get an adaptor for every opening so you can use a quick-connect hose. Finally, the extra-large swivel nuts provide an easy grip for every gardener, making it accessible to turn no matter the hand size or experience so this splitter is a great choice for everyone.


  • 4 way- 4-way hose splitter, perfect for garden irrigation.
  • Durable- Made of solid brass.
  • Adjustable Flow Control- Can use the splitter as a pressure regulator.
  • Inexpensive- Affordable option.
  • Leakproof- Knurled round connectors.


  • Levers Stiff- As with a lot of brass options, the levers can be stiff to start.
  • Threads- The threads are sometimes not deep enough to hold the very high water pressure.

Buyer’s Guide

It’s no secret a garden hose splitter is a must-have for every gardener, especially those with a medium or large garden. It’s time-saving, can save you a lot of hassle, and allows you to multitask.

Whilst one hose is washing the backyard or washing your car, the other is watering the garden and this is great for busy workaholics or older gardeners who struggle to stand in the garden for long periods of time.

But what should you look out for when buying one? Hopefully, this handy buyer’s guide can help.

Number Of Channels

This is probably the most important decision you’ll make before buying your hose splitter. How many channels do you want? 2, 3, 4? This will depend on the size of your garden and what you intend to do with your splitter.

Although a lot of gardeners automatically go for the 4-way splitters, you need to ensure this will work with your water pressure. If your water pressure is low, something with only 2 channels may work better as the water will have to divide across fewer outputs.

If you are using your splitter to water your garden, especially if you have a relatively larger garden, you will need to have a strong force of water to reach all the plants evenly, without having to worry about water running down and getting limp.

Quality and Durability

With so many different types of hose splitters on the market, it’s important that you choose one that’s made of high-quality materials and is built to last.

Of course, the quality will depend on the price, but not to worry as a lot of affordable options are available now that will still give you that high-quality product you’re looking for.

Metal hose splitters tend to be slightly more expensive than plastic, but they promise to last longer and withstand more weather conditions. We suggest that if you were considering a plastic water hose splitter to evaluate the climate you live in to make sure it’s not going to break when it next storms.

Plastic splitters will still last you at least a year or two but metal ones last considerably longer. It is worth noting that although metal is more sturdy, it can be prone to rust in the rain.

We, therefore, suggest looking for something that is rust-free. This will also improve the quality of your water. Many of our recommendations on this list are made from heavy-duty brass, which tends to be a safe option for durability and long service life.

Leakproof Technology

The last thing you want when purchasing a hose splitter is for it to start leaking. This is why you need to check what leakproof features are included with the hose splitter you are buying. Does it have a thread? A rubber ring?

Does it have ball valves or round connectors? These are vital for stopping any water waste and ruining your grass or yard with constant leaking, so ensure you do your research.

Whether it leaks or not will also depend on the quality of the product so we emphasize the importance of buying a splitter that is the highest quality on the market. It’s worth it!


Another important factor you should consider is the connectivity to the splitter.

The best hose splitter is usually designed to fit any kind of faucet without any difficulty, but it’s worth cross-checking the kind of mouth the splitter comes with so you know whether you need to replace the faucet before buying the splitter.

This may seem like a hassle, but we promise it will be worth double-checking in case you end up with a splitter that isn’t compatible.

Water Pressure

Although this is not something to search for within product specifications, this is something you need to consider before even beginning the research. You need to check the water pressure of the tap wherever you are planning to install the splitter.

This is an essential step of buying a splitter as without adequate water pressure and flow, you won’t benefit from using the splitter. But once you’ve checked this and are happy, go ahead and get looking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Splitter Be Used Alongside A Pressure Washer?

Yes, it can. You will find multiple-way hose splitters that enable you to connect a faucet or pocket hose to one connection and a spigot for washing the car or using a pressure washer on the other connection.

Will A Compact Hose Splitter Work Better?

Compact hose splitters do work well, but you run the risk of not being able to fit all your connections in one go.

Therefore, if you plan on purchasing a 4-way hose splitter, you need to take into consideration the space between each channel. If there is not enough room between each channel, you will struggle to connect all four channels.

Try to research whether the space between the channels is big enough, so you can easily connect your holes and make the most out of all the different channels.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you choose something that is super big and bulky but you just need to ensure you have enough space between each channel to fit in the hose connections.

Should I Rely On Large Brands?

Larger brands may advertise to be able to give you the highest quality hose splitter but that’s not always true. Sometimes smaller brands can provide products that are just as good, if not better, so it’s worth the research.

Many companies, big or small, offer a money-back guarantee and this adds reliability to the product no matter what company you buy it from so keep an eye out for this when researching.

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