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The Best Slug Killers Of 2022

Looking for the best slug killer to protect your beautiful plants from slimy pesky pests?

Nobody wants a bunch of slugs or other pests to overrun their prized garden or well-kept lawn, but nature occasionally has other ideas. Fortunately, there are a variety of slug killers available for purchase to avoid or manage a slug outbreak in one’s garden or yard.

We examined elements such as effectiveness, ease of use, treatment longevity, and the general value of products while reviewing the top slug killers on the market right now. 

Our top picks all perform well and get the job done, but each has its own set of characteristics to examine depending on the extent of the problem, the amount of space it covers, and your budget.

We limited our search to the best and safest solutions available, so customers won’t have to risk harming their children, pets, or the wildlife in the area. Let’s dive in!

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Our Best Slug Killer Reviews

Garden Safe 4536 Slug & Snail Bait 

Garden Safe is a very popular pest control brand that offers solutions designed exclusively for organic farming. You can securely set the baits near plants, flowers, and veggies without fear of the crops being harmed.

This pesticide can be used to treat both your grass, as well as a greenhouse. The treatment, which is based on a unique mix incorporating Iron Phosphate, kills insects and slugs that have swallowed the lure in 6 days or less. It comes in pellets and should be dusted on the soil in modest amounts.

Concentrate on the sections of your yard where they’ve been most persistent, as well as the border. Before these bugs begin to feed, the optimum time to apply is at dusk. Repeat treatments twice per month for best results.

Shoppers have awarded it the top rating, citing ease of use as the primary benefit.

A value trade-off is another important aspect mentioned by buyers. Buyers recommend strewing this substance around plants as well as in the spaces between the stairs and the path, where they like to hide.

One client claims that he has healthy birds that stroll about the area where the baits are distributed. Slugs in the area will be killed in 3 to 6 days, and the bug killer will be functional for up to 3 weeks.

Simply spread the granules about the yard in the evenings, when slugs and snails are most active, and verify the results the next morning.


  • It’s affordable – This large bag of slug killer is extremely cost effective when compared to other similar products on the market at the moment.
  • Effective formula –  These pellets can kill slugs and protect areas of up to 4,000 feet.
  • Long lasting – You won’t need to repeat the treatment for up to 3 weeks.


  • It can be irritating – This formula can make you feel nauseous or irritate your eyes if the correct precautions are not taken. 

Monterey LG6500 Sluggo Wildlife and Pet Safe Slug Killer, 2.5 lb

Since its primary component is iron phosphate, which is a low-toxicity substance, this slug killer is a great option for households with children or pets.

Applications last approximately 40 days after the first application process, and the 2.5-pound canister contains adequate slug killer to treat a 5,000-square-foot area (based on 0.5 to 1 lb per 1,000 square ft). Rain has no effect on the product, therefore the strength should not alter even if it rains heavily.

It’s a 2-in-1 bait with components that lure slugs and snails and destroy them. After 3 to 6 days of eating it, they start to deteriorate. It’s OMRI-listed, which means it’s safe to use in organic agriculture.

It’s also incredibly well-liked by customers. For use in your garden, the Monterey Sluggo Snail Bait and Slug Killer gives the same layer of safety that experienced farmers employ.

This two-in-one treatment lures and eliminates at the very same moment with a granular mix that works even after rain or irrigation, making it one of the greatest products on the market. A 100% pet-safe alternative that has no negative consequences for other creatures.


  • Safe formula – The ingredients used in this product are safe for humans as well as other animals, including household pets. 
  • Long lasting – After the first application, this product will remain effective for up to 40 days. 
  • Water resistant – Even after heavy rainfall, this slug killer will still remain effective.


  • Attracts other creatures – Some reviewers mentioned that this slug killer seems to attract other wildlife including birds, which can pose some problems.

Corry’s Slug & Snail Killer, 3.5 lb

The active element in this particular slug killer is sodium ferric EDTA, which itself is generally safe to use around children and other animals, including household pets.

This composition kills slugs and snails more rapidly than iron phosphate, making it a good choice for dealing with a significant infestation swiftly.

Corry’s slug and snail killer arrives in a 3.5 lb jar with plenty of product to attack up to 17,500 sq ft or a lesser area numerous times. Slug killer granules should be used every two weeks or until the slug problem is addressed.

The pellets will attract and destroy any surrounding slugs, with the process taking 3 to 6 days.

This slug poison is appropriate to use in gardens and around fruit trees, and it works even after torrential downpours. Although it isn’t OMRI-listed, it can be used on turf, ornamental plants, veggies, fruit, and other food crops.


  • Safe formula – The ingredients used in this product are safe for humans as well as other animals, including household pets. 
  • Fast working – Thanks to active ingredients used in this slug killer, it works much faster than other products, particularly those that use iron phosphate. 
  • Long lasting – After the initial treatment, you won’t need to repeat the process for another 2 weeks.


  • Not suitable for some crops – Unlike some other slug killer on the market right now, this product isn’t effective when used directly on crops.

Ortho Bug-Geta Snail And Slug Killer, 3.5-Pound

Ortho’s slug poison is developed for use in nurseries, fields, agricultural crops, and around orchards, citrus, berries, ornamental plants, bushes, wildflowers, and trees, and has a strong sulfur-based compound.

The granules may be readily applied to the yard using the screw-top pump, which features a tight hole for controlling granule flow. Ortho Bug-Geta Snail and Slug Killer doesn’t need to be mixed or sprayed, and it’s safe for pets and animals to use.

Even after torrential downpours, this slug poison works as an effective insecticide for up to 3 weeks after the initial treatment. If there is very little surface water in the ground, though, this is most beneficial.

The Ortho Bug-Geta Snail and Slug Killer isan easy set-and-forget treatment which performs for up to 3 weeks on a single application, keeps your yard free of slimy insects with absolutely no effort.

Slugs are lured with harmless pellets placed in moist soil to prevent them from causing chaos in your garden. It’s simple to use; no blending or sprinkling is necessary. It eliminates slugs and snails, although not as quickly or as successfully as lures that use iron phosphate as the active ingredient.


  • Easy to use – This no-fuss formula makes eliminating slugs from your garden an easy task that can be effortlessly repeated every few weeks to keep pests at bay.
  • Long lasting – You won’t need to repeat the treatment for up to 3 weeks, saving you both time and money.
  • Safe formula – The ingredients used in this product are safe for humans as well as other animals, including household pets. 


  • Very visible – These pellets are white in color, which makes them particularly easy to pot when sprinkled on green grass or brown soil. 

Safer Brand SB125 Slug & Snail Killer – 2 lb,Green

Last but certainly not least is this Slug and Snail Killer from Safer Brand. This product can be used to target both slugs and snails and prevent them from feeding on your precious crops and flowers in your yard.

Simply apply some of the substance onto lawns, yards, or flowerbeds. This slug killer is also suitable for use on even damp soil, which is where most slugs and snails choose to hang out. The critters will then go on to consume the pellets and metabolise it.

As they do this, the pellets will encourage a dehydrating effect which will ultimately kill the creature. We also like that it comes in a very generous 2 lb bag that has a self-seal function to keep your pellets fresh for future use. 

The dehydrating effect of this slug killer is primarily a result of the iron used in the formula – this is why they’re called “Safer Brand” – for their limited use of harmful chemicals and poisons.

However, it’s important to note that iron poisoning still poses some risk to humans, as well as other animals. So, Don’t pile up the pellets in one spot, since this may encourage other creatures or maybe even pets to eat from the heap.

Instead, It should be spread sparingly and repeated after showers have broken it into the soil. It is possible that you will not notice dead slugs or snails near the bait since it takes a lot of time for them all to consume enough of the poison to be harmed and for the iron to be released to destroy them.


  • Great packaging  – It arrives in a large 2lb sack which comes with a ziplock feature to keep your pellets fresh.
  • Safer formula – This slug killer is made using iron rather than other poisonous or harmful chemicals, keeping your pets and family safe.  
  • Fast-acting – Happy customers reported that this formula works almost immediately and would kill slugs in a matter of hours.


  • Some risks involved – Unfortunately, this slug killer can be harmful to other wildlife such as birds and household pets.

Buyer’s Guide

No two slug killers are the same – so, it’s important to consider what features you desire and what you want from your slug killer. Here are some factors to consider before making a hasty purchase:


Due to its effectiveness and product safety, the formulation will play a significant influence in your final decision.

You should read the consumer reviews for every slug killer you’re contemplating to determine if the mixture has succeeded for other people. There are a variety of natural slug poisons available on the market.

So, if you want to preserve your yard and, by extension, the ecosystem safe in the long term, avoid those that use artificial chemicals. Verify that the item is certified by OMRI to ensure that it is organic.


Granules and liquid slug and snail pesticides are the most common kind. The first is the most usual and successful, as the separate pieces function better as mollusc bait.

As a result, they’re more inclined to eat it and perish as a consequence of the toxicity. Liquid slug pesticides, on the other contrary, distribute like a slurry throughout the ground and around the plants. Its formula contains one or more substances that lure slugs and cause them to pass away.


After you’ve applied the slug killer, you should see how long it lasts. This will indicate how often you should reapply it in the future, allowing you to incorporate the activity into your usual gardening regimen.

If you don’t have a lot of time to take care of your plants due to a busy lifestyle, or just don’t want to worry about reapplication of the pellets, choose a slug killer that lasts the longest.

The greatest duration of time a slug poison will stay active at attracting and destroying slugs is referred to as the slug killer’s lifespan.

The slug killer may have some effectiveness further than this moment in time, but it is greatly diminished and will continue to deteriorate in effectiveness. A slug killer can last up to 40 days in most cases; nevertheless, this varies depending on the brand.


When dealing with a pest infestation, health should always come first, particularly in households with children or pets.

If adults aren’t careful, children can find, touch, and consume slug granules which have been placed in the yard. The same thing might happen if you leave your pet unsupervised in the garden.

Since liquid slug killers dissolve into the soil fast and also don’t attract attention, they don’t pose the same danger, but animals can still nibble or chew the soil and absorb the slug killer.

Stress and anxiety can be relieved by having a pet. After a long day, just one cosy snuggle with them tends to lift your spirits. So you don’t want them to suffer as a result of the slug poison you choose. Check to see if the solution you want to use is suitable to use with pets as well as other wildlife.

Water Resistance

Even while weather reports are virtually usually broadcast on every media outlet, they may not always offer accurate information about the likelihood of daily rainfall.

Which is why you must choose a slug buster that does not cease functioning when exposed to moisture. Even if the sky showers or your yard gets a shower, it should keep fighting bugs.


It’s a regular occurrence for one packet of slug killers to appear to be insufficient for the whole garden area.

If this is the case, it should be put aside for a while until it is needed again. To keep its quality from deteriorating in the interim, certain storage precautions are required. That is why you should select a slug killer that arrives in a handy package.


The range of action of a slug killer is referred to as its coverage. Slugs may still be attracted to the lure outside of this area, but it’s less probable. It’s critical to study the item information and utilise the products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bear in mind that the area estimate given by suppliers pertains to a specific volume of slug killer applied to a specific area. Simply use additional slug killer to defend an area bigger than the indicated coverage, but make sure you apply the granules or liquid slug killer according to the brand guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use Slug Killer Around Children And Other Animals?

Metaldehyde-based baits are not suitable for use near dogs or kids, and should be limited to places where pets and children are not present. Greenhouses are a good demonstration of when metaldehyde-based baits can be used safely.

The other active components are typically considered safe in the presence of pets and children.

How Often Do I Need To Use A Slug Killer?

It varies based on the kind of slug killer used and the amount consumed by the rat. They will inevitably die if they eat sufficient metaldehyde slug poison, but it will take a long time because this pesticide isn’t intended for animals.

Sodium ferric EDTA and iron phosphate solutions are much less efficient on rodents, therefore invest in mouse traps or rat pesticides if you have a serious rat problem.

How Often Should I Use Slug Killer?

Slug granules are only necessary if your yard has an ongoing slug infestation. Granules should be administered about once 30 to 40 months to prevent slugs from thriving during an outbreak.