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How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard

Are you wondering How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard? Here is a quick and easy guide so you can get rid of rats once and for all!

Let’s face it: even though you can do your best to keep them at bay, sometimes the presence of rats in the backyard can be difficult to avoid, and if you’re noticing rat holes in your garden, chances are that they’re burrowing. 

Yards provide plenty of comforts to rats, including close proximity to food, shelter, and more, which means that no matter how hard we might try, keeping them far from our yards can sometimes be a difficult task to achieve – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stopped.

If you’re currently stuck in this predicament and you’re not sure what to do, then rest assured you’re in the right place. Below, not only are we going to be talking you through what to do if you find rat holes in your garden, but we’re also going to be showing you how to get rid of them humanely. Read on. 


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How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard

How To Get Rid of Rat Holes in Yard: Step-by-Step Instructions

By far, one of the best ways that you can get rid of rat holes in your yard is by making the holes as unappealing to rats as you possibly can.

As we have already touched upon above, rats love the appeal of burrowing in yards because they offer a variety of things necessary for survival – including somewhere to burrow and close proximity to food.

Even though it might be tempting to fill the holes with poison, this will only serve as a temporary fix until new rats find their way to your yard. 

Instead, you’ll need to take an alternative route to achieve long-lasting prevention. So, with all that being said, read on for our step-by-step instructions to effectively remove rat holes from your yard:

Step One: Eliminate Any And All Food Supplies

Did you know that rats will rarely travel any further than 150 feet in search of food from their burrows? Keeping this knowledge at the forefront of your mind when addressing the rat holes in your yard will be fundamental to effectively getting rid of them for good!

If you happen to have any bird feeders in your yard, then you should make sure that they are positioned high above the ground, and located in such a way that rats won’t be able to climb up and steal the seeds.

In addition to that, you should also make sure that you aren’t keeping leftover food close to your yard, as rats have a very keen sense of smell and will be able to sniff out the food that you have thrown away into the trash.

Place your food scraps in well-sealed compost bins to deter rodents from accessing your food waste!

How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard

Instead, we recommend that you bag up all food that you no longer need and tie up your trash bag tightly, before then keeping it nestled safely inside a trash can (preferably made out of metal) so that the rats will have no chance of getting inside.

By taking the necessary steps to cut off the rat’s sources of food, they will soon leave your yard in search of somewhere else they can get food.

Step Two: Thin Your Plants and Shrubbery

As we’re sure you might already be aware, rats love to burrow in yards and other areas that have plenty of thick vegetation – as it helps to keep them safe and hidden away from potential predators.

With that being said, in order to make your yard seem less appealing to the rats that have moved in, we recommend that you take the time to thin out any areas of dense greenery you have, as this will make rats feel more vulnerable, and raise the chances of them leaving. 

Using hedge trimmers to thin out shrubs and greenery will make rodents feel vulnerable and exposed!

How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard

Step Three: Fill/Cover The Holes

Besides cutting off their food supply and making your yard appear less attractive to rats, the last surefire way that you can shoot rats away for good is to either fill or cover the holes with mesh.

To start, we recommend filling the holes with soil and dirt sprayed with peppermint and citronella, as rats positively hate these scents so it’s sure to drive them away!

To make your own repellent spray, mix a few drops of these essential oils into some water and then pour into a spray bottle ready to be used. It’s as easy as that!

How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard

Top Tips to Keep Future Rats Away From Your Yard

So, now that you’re well aware of what steps you should take to effectively remove any rat holes currently present in your yard, we’re now going to be talking you through some helpful tips you can utilize to help prevent them from burrowing in your garden again.

Check out the following tips below:

  • Keep your yard free of clutter, debris, and junk: First things first, one of the best ways that you can help to keep your yard free of any rats and other rodents is by ensuring that your yard is nice and clean. 
  • Mow your lawn regularly: Even though it might not always be possible to mow your lawn as often as you’d like (especially if you live in a rainier part of the world) we do recommend that you do your best to maintain the length of your yard’s lawn, as this will help to prevent rats from nesting.

Ease up your time by investing in a properly quick and easy lawn mower covering lengthy chores in no time!

How To Get Rid Of Rat Holes In The Yard
  • Incorporate mesh where possible: Alongside keeping your yard clean, tidy, and free of trash and making sure that your yard’s grass is kept to a minimum length, another way that you can help to keep future rats from appearing in your yard is by using mesh or a similar material.

We don’t recommend using materials such as plastic to border your yard, lawn, or flower beds as rats are strong enough to chew through it. If you’re interested in using mesh and you’d like a recommendation, then we suggest checking out the Stuff-fit Copper Mesh, which has been specifically designed to keep rodents (such as rats) away from your yard.