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How To Grow Campari Tomatoes From Scratch [A Complete Guide]

Do you want to know how to grow Campari tomatoes?

Are you someone who’s committed to their vegetable garden and tries growing different varieties of vegetables and fruits? 

Or you may have eaten a Campari tomato once and now you can’t forget its heavenly taste and wonder how to grow it in your vegetable patch.

Homegrown veggies have a separate fanbase, and why not? 

Homegrown veg is tastier, healthier, fresher, and contain a lesser amount of artificial pesticides which can harm us.

Having your kitchen garden has its perks as you can choose what to grow and how to grow it.

Tomato lovers know that Campari tomatoes are among the most delicious and sweetest tomatoes, so why not try growing them in your kitchen garden? 

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know to grow fresh, nutritious Campari tomatoes.

How To Grow Campari Tomatoes

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the 3 ways to grow Campari tomatoes –

  • Seeds taken from Campari tomatoes
  • Campari seeds bought from the store
  • Campari tomatoes grown hydroponically

We’ll be looking at the planting and watering techniques to produce the maximum crop, the ideal temperature and light requirement by the plants, and why compost and staking are important for the plants.

how to grow campari tomatoes

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How To Grow Campari Tomatoes

Sowing and Planting Campari Tomatoes

How to grow Campari tomatoes? Can we even grow them? Yes, you can. There are quite a couple of ways you can grow Campari tomatoes.

how to grow campari tomatoes

1. Seeds Taken From Campari Tomatoes

Campari tomatoes are hybrids and as such don’t produce true seeds. However, what I’ve tried myself (and many other home growers also have tried!), is that 

1. I slice the Campari tomato into 4 parts and keep them in a tray/flat dish in a soil + compost mixture. 

2. Then I cover the slices with a thin layer of soil and compost mixture on the top too.

3. In a week – 2 weeks, tiny seedlings start growing from the tomato slices. 

4. This is when I move them to pots and keep them outside to grow properly. 

5. As the seedlings grow, they will need to be shifted to bigger pots regularly so that they have enough space to develop.

2. Commercially Bought Seeds

Another method is growing directly from Campari tomato seeds bought from a vendor.

1. You can check for Campari tomato seeds for sale and buy them directly online or from any local vendor in your area. 

2. The hybrid seeds can be directly sown in the seed-soil mixture in a tray or dish. 

3. Once the seedlings come up they can be planted in bigger pots.

Watering The Seedlings

Campari tomatoes, just like other tomato varieties, need regular watering. The soil should be moist at all times to ensure proper growth of the plants but should not be over-watered.

Irregular watering will slow down the growth, cause diseases in the plant, and can also result in cracks in the tomato fruits.

how to grow campari tomatoes

Sunlight Requirements

Daily direct sunlight of 6 – 8 hours is essential to produce the best crop of Campari tomatoes. The plants should be kept outside away from the shady areas where they can get maximum sunlight.

In case of low sunlight, grow lights can also be used as their effect on plants is similar to that of sunlight. 

If the plant is grown indoors, a combination of a few hours in the sunlight and a couple of hours under grow lights could make a difference in the favorable growth of the plants.

how to grow campari tomatoes

This grow light can be easily placed at any angle to provide light to the plants. It has 10 red and 74 white LEDs and the light source is strong, similar to sunlight.

how to grow campari tomatoes

This grow light has 5 heads to provide light to more plants at the same time. It has 120 white LEDs and 30 red lights with 10 brightness settings and timers to adjust the light for 3 hours, 9 hours, and 12 hours.

how to grow campari tomatoes

This grow light comes with a tripod stand which can be adjusted from 15 inches to 45 inches. It has a bright light (3500K & 6500K) and takes up only 30W from the power supply.

Ideal Temperature

Camparis can grow in temperatures between 65 – 95 degrees F (18 – 35 degrees C). Temperatures above and below this can result in slow growth and damage to the crops.

Tomatoes cannot bear frost at all and hence need to be grown inside a polytunnel/greenhouse or indoors in winters. 

The growth will stop and the plants die out as soon as frostiness starts to appear.

In winters, you can grow them in a polytunnel/greenhouse where the temperature is stable with very low chances of frost.

Compost And Fertilizer

Nutrient-rich soil, with sufficient minerals and organic matter, is ideal for a healthy and rewarding crop of Campari tomatoes. Fertilizers are not essential if the soil and compost already have all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the plants.

Campari tomatoes need a supply of nitrogen as seedlings and the soil should also have enough potassium and phosphorus content once the plants are bigger.

how to grow campari tomatoes

As per this research, it was also found that if cocopeat is used along with the soil, the Campari tomato plants produced more fruits of high quality.

Using mulch over the top layer of soil will also improve the growth of tomatoes. Mulch helps in controlling the temperature and keeps moisture in the soil while also protecting the plants from any fungal infections. 

Fencing Around The Tomato Plants

Campari plants grow throughout the season and would require support so the vines don’t fall over. Stakes can be set up and the plant would grow around it. 

Cages can also be placed and the plant tied with twine to the cage, this supports the plant and helps it to grow straight.

I usually put the stakes/cages in the soil when the plants are young (around 12 inches) and have their first few flowers. This is because their roots are not too big and so they don’t get damaged while putting up the fencing.

In a study, it was also found that adding a support around tomato plants protects them from diseases. The stem, leaves, and shoots will not bend over to the ground level which decreases the risk of soil-borne diseases/infection.

Trimming The Shoots

Indeterminate tomato plants, like the Campari, need to be trimmed for proper and faster growth of the plant as well as the fruits. Side shoots in these slow down the growth of the main stem and the fruits and need to be removed as early as possible.

The side-shoots, also called ‘suckers’, take up the energy which will otherwise be used for the growth of the main stem and the fruits. As per this study, it was also found that cutting the shoots lowered the risk of diseases, improved airflow, and let sunlight reach all parts of the plant.

Ripening And Harvesting

Campari tomatoes grow to a size similar to a golf ball and take around 60-90 days to completely ripen. They are dark reddish, firm but not too hard, and would give in under slight pressure from the hand when fully ripe and can be harvested.

how to grow campari tomatoes

But how will you know if it’s overripe? Overripe tomatoes are too soft, mushy, and may start leaking liquid. If the fruit has gone bad, it will give out a bad odor and mold will grow on it.

Hydroponically Grown Campari Tomatoes

Campari tomatoes can also be grown hydroponically. 

1. The best medium for seeds to sprout is the Rockwool cube. 

how to grow campari tomatoes

This medium is ideal for seed germination in a sterile environment. It has holes for planting and enough space to retain nutrient solution as well as oxygen.

how to grow campari tomatoes

This organic growing medium is a 1.5-inch sized cube and retains up to 20% air even when completely soaked in the nutrient solution. 

how to grow campari tomatoes

These cubes are sized 4 inches and have enough space for the seed to grow into a seedling. The cubes allow excess water/nutrient solution to drain out from the bottom so the seeds won’t be overwatered. 

2. The cube is kept in slightly acidic water for half an hour to an hour after which the seeds are placed inside the cube.

3. The hydroponic nutrient solution is regularly poured over the cube from which nutrients are taken up by the seeds.

4. As soon as the seedlings come up, they are transplanted and kept under a strong light source otherwise the plant may not survive. 

5. To make sure that the roots receive enough nutrients from the nutrient solution, the seedlings are placed in net pots.

how to grow campari tomatoes

These 4-inches pots allow the plant roots to grow properly through the holes at the base of the pots. It is made of heavy-duty plastic and can be reused. 

how to grow campari tomatoes

These are 3-inches wide pots and have many small and big holes for roots to grow through. These are made of BPA-free plastic and are UV-resistant.

how to grow campari tomatoes

These pots come in different sizes from 3-inches to 6-inches. Made of non-toxic, reusable plastic, these pots can be used in aquaponic and hydroponic gardens. 

6. Net pots have enough space/holes at the bottom from where the roots of the plant can grow and reach the nutrient solution placed under.

7. The plants bear fruit in around 50-80 days depending on the variety.

Where Do Campari Tomatoes Grow?

Campari tomatoes can be planted in USDA zones 3-11. USDA zones specify the areas where a particular plant can be grown at an average temperature.Campari tomatoes are one of the most sensitive tomato varieties and cannot survive even a little bit of frost. 

Shelf Life And Storage

How long does Campari last?

If you’ve picked the tomato before it has completely ripened, you can keep it inside on the counter at room temperature and allow it to fully ripen. A fully ripe tomato should be used within a day or two however if you want to use it later, you can delay its decay by storing it in a refrigerator.

how to grow campari tomatoes

Storing Campari tomatoes in a refrigerator keeps them fresh for 1-2 weeks. You can also store them in a freezer/deep freezer for up to 10-11 months if you have too many tomatoes and don’t want to waste them.

Where Did Campari Tomatoes Come From?

Campari tomato seeds and plants were initially produced and grown in Europe by a Dutch company but are now trademarked by Mastronardi Produce Ltd from Canada.

What are Campari tomatoes? Campari tomatoes are an indeterminate, hybrid variety of tomatoes and are one of the sweetest and most delicious tomatoes. Hybrid variety means that the seeds of Campari were specially prepared for commercial uses.

As these are a vine-type variety, the Campari tomato plants grow and bear fruits throughout the season. The plants reach a height of 183 – 244 cm (6 – 8 feet) 

Benefits Of Campari Tomatoes

It was found that campari tomatoes have a higher amount of lycopene than the other tomato varieties. What this means is that Campari tomatoes can help lower the risk of cancer. It can also lower cholesterol levels, preventing obesity and other related diseases.

Camparis are also rich in vitamin A, B, and C, potassium, and iron, which makes them healthy. And the best part is – Campari tomatoes can be used in salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and also to prepare a no of sauces and soups.

Essentials To Keep In Mind

As Campari is a hybrid variety, people question if Campari tomatoes GMO are also available. However, as per this official list and this article, GMO tomatoes are not sold in the markets. Mastronardi, which produces the Campari tomatoes, was also confirmed to be a non-GMO certified company using organic farming methods.

FAQs On How To Grow Campari Tomatoes :

How Do You Care For Campari Tomatoes?

Do you wonder how do you care for Campari tomatoes? This variety cannot survive frost and needs daily sunlight of 6-8 hours for the perfect growth of the plant and the fruits. Grow lights can also be used if the sunlight is low as a replacement.

How Long Do Campari Tomatoes Take To Grow?

If you think how long do Campari tomatoes take to grow, this hybrid, disease-resistant plant takes 70-80 days to fully develop, reaches a height of 6-8 feet and the fruits are sized similar to golf balls.

Can You Grow Campari Tomatoes From Store Bought?

Do you question if can you grow Campari tomatoes from store bought? Campari plants can be produced from seeds from a Campari tomato or seeds bought from a store as well.

How Far Apart Do You Plant Campari Tomatoes?

If you wonder how far apart do you plant Campari tomatoes, they should have a space of around 24-36 inches (3-4 feet) between the plants and below them to let them mature properly.

how to grow campari tomatoes

Who wouldn’t want to get a taste of the juiciest tomatoes, especially when they come from your kitchen garden? The satisfaction of putting in all your effort to grow Campari tomatoes and then enjoying them for a long time cannot be matched.

Growing Campari tomatoes isn’t as difficult as it appears to be, is it? Not after you know the basics of what, when, and how to grow Campari tomatoes.

Essentials: For a healthy crop, go over the tools, seeds, soil type, and compost that are suitable for your vegetable garden.

Hope you found the information in this article interesting and useful. Please share your experiences of growing Campari tomatoes with us in the comments.

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