What To Do With A Tree Stump In The Front Yard [Weird + Wonderful Ideas!]

Are you wondering What To Do With a Tree Stump In Your Front Yard? Here are all the weird and wonderful ideas to transform that tree stump fast!

Trees are usually cut down because they are dead, dying, or pose a danger to persons and property due to falling limbs. You’re left with a stump once a tree has been removed.

Although the stump may be unattractive, there’s no need to spend further money to have it pushed down or destroyed. Instead, make it a part of your landscape to improve its appeal.


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Using wood carving tools can greatly enhance the look and will add a personal touch to the design you will want to achieve.

What To Do With Tree Stump In Front Yard

1. Make It A Table

If your tree stump is wide and only a foot or two tall, then it’d make for a perfect table, acting as a centrepiece to a picnic or social gathering area in your backyard.

Depending on the size and condition of the flat surface of your tree stump, you can opt to use the raw surface itself, or alternatively, you could attach a round or square tabletop to your stump.

If you plan on using the raw stump as your table surface, you can protect it with a layer of epoxy resin, which you could also further customize with items such as old bottle caps or dried foliage. 

If you want to keep your tree stump table as “natural” as possible, you can simply sand the surface and coat it with a protective varnish. This creates a realistic and fairytale-esque effect.

To further enhance the woodland theme, you could surround your tree stump table with multiple smaller tree stumps, which act as little stools in your gathering area. 

You could even add a circular pane of glass to the top of the tree stump to create an ultra-modern yet extremely affordable outdoor table. This is perfect for outdoor dinner parties and they look great when adorned with attractive tablecloths and pillar candles. 

Once completed, treat the wooden table with an outdoor waterproof finish.

What To Do With Tree Stump In Front Yard

2. Make It A Planter

A simple yet effective way of repurposing a tree stump in your yard is to transform it into a unique planter. You can fill it with all of your favourite flowers and plants in order to add a rustic and natural flair to your outside space. To do this, you’ll need to hollow out your tree stump. 

To achieve this for yourself, all you have to do is use an axe or a mattock to dig out the middle of your stump. Take care when doing this. 

What To Do With Tree Stump In Front Yard

To increase drainage, fill the floor of the opening with sand or handfuls of gravel (you could also drill a hole or two deeper down into the tree) and then fill with soil before putting plants in.

Not only will the end outcome be beautiful, but the plants will gain from the nutrients released by the tree stump as it decomposes organically in the soil.

You can still disguise your tree stump beneath flowers, even if it isn’t hollow. With the sharp edge of a pick mattock, whittle away at the centre of the tree. Scrape the wood with the mattock’s wide, flat side as the opening gets bigger.

Make a hole that is between 4 and 8 inches deep and has a least 3-inch border around it. Dig drainage holes in the stump’s edges so that they slant downhill, and add another layer of pebbles at the base to guarantee proper drainage.

Plant flowers or herbs in the stump hole after filling it with soil.

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2. Create A Fairy Garden

fairy gardens skillfully combine natural elements with imaginative childhood trinkets, ensuring that the youthful and the young at heart will have infinite hours of amusement.

It’s simple to see why fairy gardens are among the most fashionable tree stump fads today after seeing this installation. This stump is prepared for any little winged visitors with the addition of a moss roof, colourful mushrooms (fairies adore them! ), a tiny stairway, and a wooden sign. 

You can opt to make your own fairy garden accessories at home, or they can be bought online or in craft stores. We recommend giving the DIY option a try first, as it’s not as difficult as you may think.

You can cut out old rags and clothing to make tiny garments for a washing line, and you can even use lollipop sticks to make miniature fences or even a polymer clay vegetable garden – the possibilities are endless!

To make your tree stump fairy garden come alive at night, incorporate some solar powered string lights to truly set the scene. 

4. Make A Display Case

By repurposing the tree stump into a garden display cabinet, you may transform it from an annoyance to a natural attraction. Show other landscape components on a tree stump.

Place a fountain on top of the stump to hide it, and use the stump as a podium to accentuate the water feature. Place garden decorations on top of the stump to help them stand out if they get misplaced on the floor. Alternatively, plant a pot on top of the stump.

There are many shapes, designs and sizes you can choose to plant pots into your tree stump.

What To Do With Tree Stump In Front Yard

5. Turn It Into An Art Project

An unattractive tree stump can be transformed into a work of beauty if you know how to use paints and carving tools. To make a garden artwork, use carving tools like chisels. A tree stump in your front yard, for instance, could be used as a welcome sign.

Strip the bark from the stump’s topside and polish the wood to a smooth finish. Burn your initials or a greeting message into the wood with a knife or a wood-burning set.

Stain your board and cover it with flowers or other beautiful plants to make it stand out. You may even paint a stump in the middle of a playground area that allows your children to participate in pretend play.

Paint a portrait or a landscape scene with fairies or gnomes on the tree, for instance.

This is for you if you enjoy DIY projects. For individuals who enjoy carving or want to attempt something unique, tree stumps might be a fantastic material.

Animal figurines, fairy tale characters, and yard scarecrows are just a few of the crafts you may build. All you require is a large number of tree stumps. Be inventive and come up with something new.

6. Hide It

When a tree is removed, the stump left behind is sometimes too short to adapt or transform into something appealing. In this situation, you can hide or camouflage the stump while improving the curb appeal of your home. 

The simplest option is to surround the stump with flowers or plants, which will hide it while also preventing someone from stumbling over it.

A huge planter placed on top of the stump and packed with hanging or branching plants will start growing over the edges and hide the stump. This is where sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) or Clematis species come in handy.

Well, there you have it, all the answers to your question, What To Do With A Tree Stump In Your Front Yard? Hopefully, that helped but if you want more info, we found you a video below!

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