How To Grow Moneymaker Tomatoes + Tips To Grow Faster! [2022]

If you don’t know how to grow moneymaker tomatoes, read on and take notes.

If you’re looking for a delicious, prolific, and easy-to-grow tomato variety, look no further than the moneymaker. This popular heirloom is known for its large fruit that ripens to a deep red color. 

The best part? Moneymaker tomatoes are practically bulletproof, meaning even novice gardeners can enjoy success growing them. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to grow moneymaker tomatoes in your garden.

how to grow money maker tomatoes

At A Glance: How To Grow Moneymaker Tomatoes

  • Preparing The Seeds
  • When To Plant The 
  • Seeds 
  • How To Plant The Seeds
  • Where To Place The Pots
  • Support Their Growth
  • Why Fertilize And How
  • Don’t over-water
  • Pruning Means Thrive
  • Ready To Harvest
  • How To Remove Pests

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How To Grow Moneymaker Tomatoes

The Moneymaker tomato variety has perfectly rounded fruits, beautiful skin, and vivid red color. 

They have a sweet, meaty flavor and texture. 

Moneymaker tomato seedlings are widely accessible through online seed merchants. You can buy it at nearby nurseries and greenhouses.

1. Prepare The Seeds

Moneymaker Tomato seeds are easily accessible. 

It is an outstanding, high-yielding heirloom that yields wonderful, smooth, bright red fruits that are ideal for eating fresh. 

Moneymaker tomato height can go up to 5 to 6 feet and give an extremely high harvest of 4-6 ounces of fruit.

2. Plant Them At The Correct Time

Plant seeds in the early spring and early summer. 

Moneymaker tomato plant are best to plant when the soil is warm. Ideally, 21 to 27 degrees temperatures.

Sow the seeds in the garden at 5mm depth and set them 50 cm apart.  

Seeds should germinate for a maximum of 10 days at soil temperature. 

Keep the soil wet. Do not water it a lot, and do not let it dry at the same time. 

3. Plant The Seeds Correctly

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

You probably have your dried tomato seeds by now.

Gardeners advocate soaking seeds in water before planting because this helps them germinate faster. However, this is not a necessary step.

Start planting your moneymaker tomato seeds indoors, and then plant them outside for the best results. 

You can start planning them outdoors in the first place, but I don’t recommend that. That is because warmth is essential for succeeding with moneymaker tomato plants. 

Plant your Moneymaker seeds in pots at the beginning of March.

By mid-April or early May, pot the young plants and carry on with indoor growth. 

When seedlings make two leaves, they are ready for potting up. 

Before planting them outside, harden them off. 

This should reduce the chance of exposure to frost and ensure that your plants are resilient enough to withstand changes in the weather.

4. Place The Pot At The Right Place

Put two to four seeds at a depth of 5 mm in each pot, then lightly cover with moistened soil.

To promote good germination, place seed pots on a tray and put them in a spot with full sunshine and temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare a permanent location one to three weeks after your area’s last frost. 

Make sure to pick a spot with full sun and soil that drains well. 

Equivalent parts of organic compost and coarse sand should be added to the soil, along with a slow-release fertilizer or tomato food, as directed by the manufacturer. 

Rake the land smoothly to remove clumps after adding additives to the soil with a pitchfork.

5. Support The Growth

Moneymakers can grow to be fairly huge, so giving them a stake is a fantastic strategy to promote their rapid expansion. 

Stakes, cages, or trellis are all versions of stalking moneymaker tomato plants.

Simply put a stake 25 to 30 cm deep and 180 cm high into the soil. 

Put this behind each plant by about 30 cm.

Use twine to carefully attach the stem to the stake as the young plant grows. 

Avoid tight knots since they can choke the plant and limit future growth.

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

6. Use Mulch To Enrich The Soil

Moneymaker tomatoes require loamy, nutrient-rich, well-drained, and somewhat acidic soil when outdoors. 

Additionally, the majority of potting soil is suitable for indoor plant growth. Check the pH of your soil; – it should be between 6.0 and 7.0.

Mulch is fantastic for tomato protection and for maximizing yield. 

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

Mulch lets you water your plants less frequently while giving them regular access to the required water.

Mulching has additional benefits, such as weed prevention.   

Furthermore, weeds that do manage to poke through your mulch will be considerably simpler to pull out. 

Additionally, mulch is an insulator for your soil, keeping it warm in the winter and cool on really hot days.

It also:

  • It inhibits soil erosion.
  • Avoids illness 
  • Reduces the chance of rot by protecting fruits that fall to the ground
  • Enhances soil structure as it decomposes
  • It avoids soil compaction and crusting at the surface.
  • Your garden will look more homogeneous and appealing.

7. Fertilize Correctly

Tomatoes need various nutrients, including calcium, to grow into the most beautiful red veggie.

Apply 3-5 cm of mulch around the plants to feed young tomatoes and aid in soil moisture retention.

When the money maker tomato starts to bear fruit, you should add some 10-10-10 fertilizer. 

You should then repeat the process three to six weeks from now. 

This guarantees ripe, juicy fruits and optimal nourishment. 

When fertilizing a plant, leave about 15 cm clear in all directions from the stem to prevent stunting development.

Fertilization is a very important part of taking care of a plant. Don’t skip this step even when tomatoes are in the growing season. 

8. Water Correctly

After planting, water the tomatoes thoroughly to moisten the soil to a depth of 6 inches. 

For the soil to retain more moisture, mulch it with 2 inches of straw. 

When the top inch of soil feels dry, continue to water the tomatoes once or twice a week to maintain a consistent moisture level for the growing season.

9. Prune When Required

Wondering how to prune moneymaker tomatoes?

Cutting off any shoots that start to grow between the main stem and the smaller leaf stems will also encourage your tomato plant to produce an ideal number of fruits. 

Cut back on any vertical growth that extends to over 6 or 7 fruit trusses. 

Although it sounds paradoxical to purposefully slow down development, you’ll be assisting the plant by encouraging it to focus its resources and energy on producing the healthiest and tastiest fruits on its main stems.

If you’re unsure where to start with this, getting the appropriate pruning tool is half the journey! 

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

10. Harvest When Ready

Depending on when you planted tomatoes and the local weather conditions, your plant should be ready to harvest between July and September. 

When the fruits are ready, you’ll be able to tell since they’ll be large, juicy, and alluring. 

Regular harvesting also raises the possibility of more fruiting during a season.

When your moneymaker tomatoes reach a good, brilliant red color, you should harvest them. 

It’s important to prevent them from over-ripening on the vine as this can attract insects and infections.

‘Moneymakers’ tomatoes can continue producing fruit until the plants are killed by frost or cool fall weather. 

11. Beware of Pests

Sadly, all tomatoes are pest magnets that can spoil your harvest.

These insects include hornworms, grasshoppers, cutworms, and other nastiness. 

Thankfully, there are defenses you may use to keep your tomatoes safe.

The small sap-suckers enjoy the plants we cherish the most, although they will eat plants of all sizes and forms. 

The first step in combating aphids feeding on moneymaker tomatoes is to be vigilant. If you see green visitors, try first to manually get rid of them to avoid more visits. 

Otherwise, start using insecticides or introducing predatory bugs like ladybirds. 

I advise the milder of the various pesticides—there are both gentle and harsh ones.

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

Check the tomatoes as often as possible for common pests like hornworms or aphids. 

In your garden, you should have an offensive approach.

Why Grow Moneymaker Tomatoes?

They are super delicious, simple to grow, and produce abundant fruit per plant! 

The seeds are inexpensive and easily accessible.

A lot of information can help you enormously with growing moneymaker tomatoes.

You will experience a pleasant warm glow of fulfillment as you see your seeds develop into mature and prolific plants.

Growing moneymaker tomatoes is a wonderful way to become more enthusiastic about gardening. 

Decorative flowers and plants are lovely, but there’s nothing quite like picking something you’ve grown yourself, bringing it inside, and working some culinary magic.

How To Make The Most Of Your Moneymaker Tomatoes?

Is money maker tomato determinate or indeterminate?

Moneymaker tomato is an indeterminate variety of tomato.

It is so versatile and easy to plant and grow in your backyard.

With proper care, they can be produced multiple times during summer.

Unless you are planning to sell them, there are endless options on how you can make the best use of your moneymaker tomatoes.

If you plan to eat them fresh, consider salads, juice, or gazpacho.

The best is to have them all year round on your table. Consider freezing your tomatoes in ice cubes, pickling them, and making chutneys, tomato sauce, and even wine!

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

FAQs About How To Grow Moneymaker Tomatoes 

How Do You Take Care Of Moneymaker Tomato Plants?

So, how do you take care of moneymaker tomato plants? Watering your moneymaker tomatoes is the best way to take care of them. Water your seeds from the moment you have planted them, so the top 15cm of the soil is moist

Tomatoes get thirsty often, so you need to water them multiple times during the week once you see that 3cm of topsoil is dry. You always need to water them even when they are in the growing season.

Is Moneymaker A Good Tomato To Grow?

If you’ve wondered if moneymaker is a good tomato to grow, the answer is yes! Moneymaker tomatoes are very good for growing as they produce lots of round, smooth, medium-sized fruit during summer. Because they don’t like freezing climates, this variety is grown as an annual plant.

Do Moneymaker Tomatoes Need Staking?

Do moneymaker tomatoes need staking? Like most plants, moneymaker tomatoes need stake support. Whatever support they have, from metal rods to branches of other plants, all work. Once you have supported your tomato plants, prune regularly any side shoots from the stem of the tomato plant.

How Do You Prune Moneymaker Tomatoes?

Curious as to how you prune moneymaker tomatoes?If you want healthy moneymaker tomato plants, pruning is an essential step you should not skip. To correctly prune your tomato plant, start by cutting the growing shoots between the main stem and the stems with smaller leaves. Also, remove the stems that are growing vertically beyond 6 or 7 trusses.

Do you still have any doubts about how to grow moneymaker tomatoes? 

By following these tips, you, too, can have a bountiful tomato harvest and enjoy your labor’s fruits (and vegetables).

And remember, if you do find yourself with more tomatoes than you know what to do with, be sure to share them with friends and family – or better yet, invite them over for dinner! 

Summers are best when fresh produce is shared with your loved ones. Or, if your intention is to sell them, I hope you will accomplish it!

Selling fresh tomatoes is not the only way you can make some extra money. Consider making pickles or tomato sauce, and then you can sell your homemade products as a second idea.

Tomatoes become even more precious in wintertime. They put an extra fresh flavor in everything you cook. Plates of pasta never fail with some tomato sauce in it!

Homegrown tomatoes are always a hit. Have you had success growing moneymaker tomatoes? 

What tips would you add?

Let me know in the comments below.

how to grow moneymaker tomatoes

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