How Many Tomatoes Per Plant? (And How To Grow More!)

Are you curious about how many tomatoes per plant can produce? Here is a quick and easy guide and tips on how to grow more tomatoes per plant!

When you start your tomato planting journey, you might have a few questions. And, that is completely fine! One of these questions might be to do with how many tomatoes you should expect to have per tomato plant.

Well, here we will talk through all things tomato plants and how many you should expect to find per plant.


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How Many Tomatoes Per Plant

The Short Answer

The short answer to this question is pretty underwhelming because it all depends on the type of tomato that you are growing. Yeah, you will need to read on to find out where exactly your tomato plant fits in the mix. 

As long as you have all the necessary growing equipment then you should be able to get yourself a tomato plant that is absolutely thriving in your garden area.

In fact, the area in your garden that you choose to plant your tomato plant makes a pretty big difference in the volume of tomatoes that can be produced.  

What Tomato Plant Do You Have In Your Garden?

Like we said earlier, how many tomatoes you get from your tomato plant totally depends on the type of tomato plant that you are growing.

If you are growing a big beef-stalk plant, then you will not get all that many tomatoes from it. We would say that you should expect to get about 5 tomatoes from this plant.

However, planting a cherry tomato plant will give you at least 10 if not 20 tomatoes on each plant that you grow!

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How Many Tomatoes Per Plant

How Can You Grow Tomatoes?

The classic method that people tend to opt for is purchasing a tomato plant from a garden shop, there are not many people who opt for growing a tomato plant from seed form.

In fact, if you are particularly impatient when it comes to gardening then we would definitely recommend getting a tomato plant because this will take much less time to grow than a seed.

So, before you plant your tomato plant in the soil in your garden you should keep it outdoors for a week or so, just to give it time to adapt to the outside environment and then you can plant it properly in the soil. When you plant your tomato plant in the soil make sure that you dig a wide hole of at least 2 feet.

Grow your tomatoes in garden row tunnels to protect them from the harsh elements as well as to provide optimal growing conditions!

How Many Tomatoes Per Plant

Another great tip would be to add some Epsom salt inside the hole before you put the tomato plant in, this is because Epsom salt includes magnesium which is useful for ensuring a strong growth of the tomato plant.

You need to ensure that you keep your tomato plant well watered as maintaining the moisture in the soil is really important for the growth of your tomato plant, particularly if you do not see much rainfall in your area.

Another important aspect of growing your tomato plant to note is that as your tomato plant starts to grow, you should tie it to a stick so your plant grows upright. Your tomato plant should offer you products after a few months of growing so it should not be too long of a wait for you to see some progress. 

Also, when it comes to gardening practice makes perfect! So, once you have grown your first tomato plant then you will be able to work out what worked well and what did not work so well for your future tomato plant projects.

You will be able to learn and understand what to do to properly ensure that your tomato grows to its full potential and gives you lots of nice products.

The Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes

In summary, tomatoes are pretty easy to grow – but there are some tips that will help you on your planting journey and make this a lot easier. 

Make sure that you give your tomato plant enough space so that it can grow.

This is especially important if you decide to grow your plant from a seed. If you plant other things around your tomato plant then you might restrict the space that it is needing in order to grow.

Your tomato plant will also require a lot of light.

So, it is really important that you provide your tomato plant with sufficient light. A tomato plant needs direct and strong sunlight so that it can grow effectively.

For instance, if you grow your tomato plant in a greenhouse then you will not have to battle with the problem of a lack of sunlight. Your tomato plant will still be able to grow in the greenhouse. 

Another method that you can consider employing is to put a fan near your tomato plant seeds.

It is pretty important that your tomato plant comes into contact with some kind of breeze just so your plant can develop strong stems. This is especially important if you decide to grow your tomato plant in an indoor environment. 

We mentioned this before but, your tomato plant will need a fair amount of water just to ensure that the soil stays as moist as possible and so that your tomato plant can obtain maximum growth.

Place a ventilation fan around your fruiting tomatoes for better air circulation and a lower risk of developing fungal moulds!

How Many Tomatoes Per Plant

Furthermore, in the summer you will need to give your tomato plant more water as the heat and humidity will dry out the soil quicker and this could hinder your tomato plant’s growth. 

Our last tip is not to forget to get rid of the bottom leaves on your tomato plant.

When should you consider doing this?

Well, you should consider doing this when your plant reaches approximately 3 feet in height. This is especially important because the first leaves that grow on your tomato plant are the most likely to develop a fungus that can actually destroy the tomato plant. This would be a complete waste of your hard work. It is crucial that you remove these leaves in order to protect your plant. 

So, on the whole, the amount of tomatoes that you grow on your plant totally depends on the variety of tomatoes that you opt for. The bigger the tomato, the fewer tomatoes you will get from your plant.

But, just remember to look after your plant and follow our tips so that your hard work does not go to waste!

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