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How Cold Can Tomatoes Tolerate?[+Tips To Keep Them Juicy]

Are you wondering, How Cold Can Tomatoes Tolerate? Here is a quick and easy guide as well as tips to keep them juicy and fresh!

Growing fruit and vegetables can be a true treat. Seeing something that you have planted grow through the seasons and become an edible delight is a wonderful experience and one that is not only financially helpful but also helps your mental wellbeing. 

However, growing fruit and vegetables can be easy during spring and summer when the weather is warmer but when things get colder it can be difficult to ensure that you keep your produce alive.

This is why knowing at what temperature your fruit and vegetables can survive in is important if you want to keep them growing throughout the year. One plant that is especially susceptible to this is the tomato. 

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Tomatoes have been cultivated for hundreds of years and are particularly known to enjoy warm weather. This bright, bountiful crop although a fruit and member of the berry family is often served alongside vegetables and is delicious in many forms. 

Whether forming part of a pizza topping or cut up into a salad or even eating raw tomatoes are a product that can be enjoyed in multiple different ways. However, it is important when growing your tomatoes to know how to treat them. If your fruit isn’t properly cared for it can easily die. 

This is why questions like how cold can tomatoes tolerate are important for understanding how to give them the very best start in life and give you the best crop possible.


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When You Should Plant Your Tomatoes

The first thing you must consider when thinking about what temperature tomatoes can stand is when is the best time to plant them.

If your tomatoes are planted at the wrong time of year, when the frost has made the earth hard to dig and inhospitable to plant life, this would make them unlikely to grow. Similarly, they must be planted in the right place. 

Placing your tomatoes somewhere warm and with the best access to natural sunlight is a good first step. This is the case whether you grow your tomatoes indoors or outdoors. The same applies to when you should plant your tomatoes. 

This is because the time of year not only affects the ground and weather outside but also the amount of sunlight your tomatoes can get. Getting enough sunlight is crucial for them if they are to grow properly. 

The best time to plant your tomatoes is from late February to early March if you are growing them in a greenhouse and from late March to early April if you are growing them outside. This will ensure that your tomatoes get the best possible access to the sunlight and warmth that they need. 

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How Cold Can Tomatoes Tolerate? 

Now that you know when to plant your tomatoes you might be wondering what temperature they can tolerate – after all if you want to have access to them all year round you need to know the temperatures they can endure. 

Tomatoes naturally thrive in warmer weather, but this does not mean you should keep cranking up the heating to make your tomatoes grow. In fact, overheating your tomatoes can easily make them dehydrated which results in them withering away and dying. 

Therefore, the best temperature for tomatoes is not too cold but certainly not too hot either – the best temperatures for tomatoes range between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives the tomatoes enough warmth to continue growing but not too much so that they end up shrivelling up. 

Use a hydro thermometer for a precise and accurate reading to deliver optimal growing conditions to your plants!

The coldest possible temperature a tomato can survive in is 40 degrees Fahrenheit though even this will stunt the tomatoes growth as they will fail to get enough heat. Anything below 40 degrees will result in the tomatoes dying due to a lack of proper heat. 

This is why getting the right temperature for your tomatoes is essential for their growth – without it you can end up having fruit that does not live up to its full potential. 

How Best To Look After Your Tomatoes?

Now that you know when to plant your tomatoes and the right heat to keep them at you might want to learn how best to look after your tomatoes so that they grow throughout the year. 

Firstly, it is important to consider where you plant your tomatoes. If you plant all of your crops outside, then you are likely to be disappointed come the winter months as most tomatoes that are outside won’t produce fruit. This is because of the cold weather and, if it is particularly rainy, overhydration which is as dangerous for plants as dehydration. 

Using indoor grow tents can be your best option for the winter months, this will provide you tomatoes all year round despite the changing weather conditions!

Therefore, if you want tomatoes all year round you must keep some indoors. Although in winter sunlight won’t be as apparent as during the spring and summer it will still be there. This is why you should make sure your tomatoes are near a window or some form of sunlight. 

Some tomato growers use artificial sunlight to keep their tomatoes well lit. This can, of course, prove costly and as long as your house is well heated and insulated you can just as easily help your tomatoes get sunlight by placing them on a windowsill. 

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Why You Should Grow Tomatoes

Why, you might ask, should you grow tomatoes in the first place? The answer is not as simple as because they are edible. By growing your own tomatoes, you are helping keep the planet close to nature. 

Too often food is imported across the world which is not only bad for the food but bad for the environment because of the petrol and diesel used in transporting this food.

If you can help stop yourself and your family from being over reliant on food that is shipped around the world then you are helping the planet get better. Growing your own food helps combat climate change as much as any protest or Act of Congress.

Similarly, growing your own food helps your mental wellbeing. Seeing a plant grow from a tiny seed into a full grown living thing is incredibly satisfying and gives you the kind of boost that you need when things seem gloomy. 

Well, there you have it. A quick and easy guide to your question, How Cold Can Tomatoes Tolerate? If you want more info, we also have a video for you below!

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